Farm Beach - Little Douglas
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Start at Farm beach parking area  Latitude 34°29\'45.07\"S  Longitude 135°23\'46.66\"E

End at Little Douglas - Latitude 34°31\'42.82\"S  Longitude 135°22\'58.81\"E

From start to finish approx 5km & would pay to check tides. During summer months beach access is normally good with sand being firm to about the 1.5-2km mark then starts to soften up & letting tyres down will make work load on vehicle a lot less. Follow beach around until you come to the bay of Little Douglas (a good location to try a spot of fishing). Normally on the last bend into Little Douglas the sand is very soft but shouldn’t be a problem if tyres have been deflated a bit (20-22 psi should be rite). At low tide you can continue further around into the inlet. At one stage you could get all the way around & exit on the shack side but the exit track has been eroded away so could be a bit tricky.  

Attached photos show the start of the beach which you can often traverse with a 2 wheel drive.

If you follow the rubble track north from starting point it will lead you to the beach where the invasion scenes in the movie Gallipoli was filmed & is now called Gallipoli Beach.

Track Logs
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10235 Beach was good most of the way. Have done this run a number of times over the yrs as I lived only 50 odd K's away up until a few years ago. Farm Beach a top spot. Toyota Prado Feb 8, 2009