Federal Short Cut Road
About the Track
Track Description

From Big Creek Road through to Ada River Road.
Entry off Big Creek is a little difficult but I got the disco over. (Took a couple of stabs to get the right line, Lockers would make it easy).

The rest of the track is quite easy. Nice cruise down into the bottom where there are a few \"kind of\" mud holes.
From there it is a good drive up hill past the old logging area and back out onto Ada River Road.

It\'s one of those tracks that looks to be blocked but its not. Does not get much traffic by the looks of things.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30620 Not a bad little track this one. Fairly easy with a couple of holes. My brother's misses wasnt impressed with the pin striping on the brand new Pajero he took down the track. Started at the Ada tree end and went through. Parks have tried to close the track at the other end but theres now a pretty defined track around it. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 2, 2013
10203 Good track for bush pinstriping Toyota Hilux Mar 27, 2011
10413 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 12, 2010
10155 Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 22, 2010