Fire Line N0 2 - Folly Creek Fire Line
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Fire Line No 2 starts with a steep decent to the top, done in the wet make for an interesting Climb. Once at the top proceed to the junction of Foley Creek track, which starts it decent from 900mtrs back to Big River road.

Fire Line No 2:

This was another steep climb in the mud with the top section kicking up increasing the angle of accent, The water was flowing down it, and a couple of the vehicals enjoyed fish-tailing the last section to the top. One vehical our Hilux of the group found his 4WD not engaging half way up when he was stuck in the Mud and rain. We Thought it was tyres but as we slid down to assist ( walking was not an option) We found his front wheels not turning and we were forced to help him reverse 200 Mtrs backward down the slope untill it was safe to turn the Vehical arround and head back to camp. At this point I learn a new thing about 4wding, - My Land cruiser was fitter than I. We had to now make the 400mtr climb back to the top to collect the vehicals and continue on. We continues to the junction of Foley creek Fireline, which is off to the right, and continued the decent back to Big River road all in all that was about 4hrs including the incident with the Hilux, but would probable take a couple of hours if we had incident free driving.

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