Frenchman Spur track
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Frenchman spur track starts off like a dirt road, vear right as you reach Ely track, and continue untill short cut No 1. Turn right and leave the main road the track starts with a moderate incline, and continue to follow the spur to boundary track. The main road interweives between the spur track making it easy to bypass any sections you are uncomfortable doing. This was done in the wet and there were some steep tricky section along the way.

Frenchman Spur track:

Frenchman spur track start from Big river road about 500mtrs from the camp site on the right ( the first big road junction past Stockmans reward). Its more a fire trail to start and veers Right at the juntion of Ely track. When you reach Shortcut No 1 track, There is the start of the Spur track itself ( hard right and Up), the main fire trail continues and weaves between the spur making it easy to by pass sections if you need. The Spur track managed to cause a few issues for our newer drivers but nothing too difficult or challenging, just a great drive and some steep muddy sections keeping you on your toes.

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