Frenchmans Track
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This track is awsome. In my opinion it challenges the Overland Telegraph Track but only one crossing. It is steep from both directions and the water is running fast and is deep. A challenge for any traveller. the scenery is second to none, It changes from saltbush flats to rainforest to mud flats. It is rough and slow going. Generally high clearance vehicles will have not too much trouble depending on the depth of the Pascoe River.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 DEEP Toyota Landcruiser May 25, 2015
843 2013 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 9, 2015
38080 A great part of our cape trip with the family. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 18, 2013
49568 Best Track in far North. Was a real delight after the tele track and the pdr. Good Scenery and the Pasco River was fun. Had to wait for 3 motor bikes getting across and up the eastern side. Well woth doing Toyota Prado Jul 10, 2013
36940 Did it at the very end of the 2012 dry season and thoroughly enjoyed it. When the water in the rivers is at its lowest, it's nearly a piece of cake for a reasonably equipped vehicle. We did it from Lockhart back to Developmental Rd and the track start wasn't obvious as the local folks seemed to have removed all the nice marks that used to be there. If you ever have trouble finding it, you can get Telstra mobile internet around Lockhart and the track is clearly visible in Google Maps Satellite. Jeep Wrangler
6015 It was Easy and Chili beach was worth the trip, no wind when we where there, but i have heard it can be. Nissan Patrol Jun 10, 2012
6426 Great track. Pascoe river was the most challenging of the whole Cape. Steep both sides, took three nice sized rocks to get up the western side exit. Iron range was fantastic as well. We drove Sam creek to Cooks Hut camping area. Massive boulder right in the middle of the Pascoe too. Nissan Navara Sep 18, 2011
670 Great track slow going we took the campers through. Deep Water crossing at the pascoe river. The road out of the Wenlock was pretty mudy on one side and we winched out up the hill may have been able to drive it without the trailers on the back. Nissan Patrol Jun 24, 2011
9938 great track, this is slow going and you will be the only one on this track Nissan Patrol Jun 21, 2011
961 Good fun track. Pascoe river is fast and deep with steep and ricky sides. Yes, very scenic and mud can be deep along the track. Nissan Patrol Aug 8, 2010
29251 Well we started on the Frenchmans but got geographically challenged but all ended well with us eventually coming out on the PDR Nissan Patrol
3197 One of my favourite up Nth but sometimes cant do if the wet has been late.. Toyota Landcruiser May 23, 2008