Freshwater Track
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Track Description

This is a fairly easy track off of the beach through to Rainbow Beach.

Nice genlte slopes some rocks, nothing to serious.

OK for first timers, just be sure to take it easy. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51367 Not hard to get to the lake or campgrounds/amenities. Bit of momentum in the soft stuff and you'll be fine in any 4wd or awd Toyota Hilux Jan 9, 2015
57448 Great Bypass for when the tide is up. would rate easy instead of moderate. Nissan Patrol Sep 27, 2014
44681 Good easy to medium track depending on conditions. We had no problems with the GV, but some friends got bogged twice with a Santa fe, nothing too bad though. Suzuki Grand Vitara Apr 18, 2014
53029 Come in onto Teerwah onto Freshwater track and then after lunch went across Leisha track through to Rainbow and home again. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 26, 2013
47798 Very nice day out, though the track was a bit busy being Christmas. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 25, 2013
41385 Easy track, nice rainforest, very busy at the time. Great to get out onto the beach at the end as we started from Rainbow beach. The 6km track to our campsite at poverty point was more challenging. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 28, 2013
38119 Been on this track a few times. great drive nothing too chalenging the hardest part is the entrance off the beach can get quite soft. heading up that way again next weekend cant wait! Toyota Hilux Jul 22, 2013
38119 Been on this track a few times. great drive nothing too chalenging the hardest part is the entrance off the beach can get quite soft. heading up that way again next weekend cant wait! Toyota Hilux Jul 22, 2013
34038 Good and easy track through the bush and relaxing drive through the beach. Definitely watch out for the high tide. Soft sand on the entrance of the beach, but with right tyre pressure and some momentum was easy to drive through. Nissan Xtrail Feb 16, 2013
37961 Easy track for my first time ever off road! Not much more than a bumpy road. The coffee rock down by the North Shore campsite (cutting three) was more challenging. Good day out. Can't beat driving along the beach LandRover Discovery Feb 16, 2013
44155 First time after buying a 4wd. Really enjoyed the drive and walk up to double island point LandRover Discovery Oct 21, 2012
22467 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Aug 12, 2012
38807 Great beginner track. Very soft sand at entrance. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 25, 2012
28114 Track used to be a lot harder. Now they've packed wood chips and rocks all over the place to stop people get stuck. Still a good day out and great area. Suzuki Sierra Jul 13, 2012
23474 Easy track, probably wouldn't rate it moderate. A tiny bit slippery in spots. It was a little busy as it is the start of the school holidays, but even considering that the beach entrance wasn't overly difficult, the soft roaders would have had no real issues with it. I reckon this track would even be achievable (minus beach entrance) by a 2WD with enough clearance, pretty simple one. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 23, 2012
27342 Easy track, even when attempted after rain. No problems at all, just watch the trail bike riders Mazda BT-50 Jun 2, 2012
24726 Mostly sand. Easy 4wding all the way. Careful around the blond corners it can be busy. Jeep Cherokee Dec 30, 2011
23499 fairly easy bit soft leading onto beach but no worries getting on and off. great for first timers and a few good stops along the way Toyota 4Runner Nov 6, 2011
19155 Great run through here, was fairly rough in areas..make sure seatbelts are on. Also very boggy in areas with sand. Reccomend anyone in Rainbow Beach area to have a run through here....the beach area is great. Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 25, 2011
21386 Nice easy trip up to see the folks in TCB: get on at Tewaintin/Noosa and then drive all the way up to Rainbow beach road. Avoid during holiday season though. Jeep Wrangler Aug 11, 2011
20484 Nice and easy track. Had a Rav4 with me that had a bit of an interesting time with HT's after it started raining. Mitsubishi Triton Jul 20, 2011
22903 Mitsubishi Pajero May 29, 2011
29619 Beautiful part of the world - mostly easy drive all the way to Rainbow Holden Colorado Mar 20, 2011
14821 Ford Ranger Jan 1, 2011
495 awesome! love this track Jeep Cherokee Jun 28, 2010
10642 This is a cool track to drive on and ride the bike, gets bizzy at peak times though eg. Easter Christmas Holden Rodeo May 12, 2010
9982 Great Drive. Not all that rough when I went through Holden Rodeo Mar 22, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 23, 2010
30042 Took our Russian Lada for a burn up the beach and through here. It was very soft coming off the beach. But the mighty Lada hoped easily through places the bigger 4x4s were getting bogged down in. Lada Niva Nov 10, 2009
5796 Warning drivers. Wear your seat belt! Toyota Prado Sep 7, 2009
5136 First time with the forester on the beach. Was a great drive, few really soft places on the entries and exits to the beach Subaru Forester Jul 8, 2009
4954 Extremely easy track, we had a Pathfinder with 22's on it as part of our convoy and we never needed 4wd. Nissan Patrol Jun 7, 2009
495 was loads of fun! heard its more graded now but was even more fun than the beach track. lots of people who dont move over for anyone even when they are meant to but oh well. will have to try it again soon and see what its like Jeep Cherokee Jun 10, 2009
4102 Nissan Patrol Apr 17, 2009
3260 Soft and choppy in a couple places due to large volume of traffic but fairly easy overall. Nissan Navara Jan 15, 2009
558 Nissan Patrol Aug 22, 2008
670 Watch for oncoming traffic - very easy track. Nissan Patrol Jul 13, 2008
1265 must have lots of traffic before me over xmas as sand was loose from main road to beach entrance .... beware as lots of oncoming traffic from beach to main road Toyota Hilux Dec 28, 2008
2783 As mentioned this is an ok track for beginners. The day before on Fraser island was my first off-road experience. As I didn't get bogged on Fraser I was full of confidence. The track wasn't that hard but as the other have said, you just need to take it easy. The only advise I would give to beginners is to let your Tyres down for when you hit the beach. I didn't and when I attempted to get back on the track I kept getting bogged as the entrance to the track has very lose sand. But once I let the Tyres down I had no problems getting onto the track. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 1, 2008
1419 Relaxed / great track for learning vehicle. Hardest part is probably getting from the beach onto the track... Ford Ranger Nov 21, 2008
6722 camping trip with friends Daihatsu Feroza Oct 12, 2008
925 I would rate this track easy not medium... Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jul 24, 2008
660 portall to fraizer nice to warm up LandRover Discovery Jul 7, 2008
664 Graded recently, The biggest obstacle is on coming traffic Nissan Patrol Jun 9, 2008
332 Worn in parts but nothing to serious Nissan Navara May 9, 2008
5882 The track is not hard at all. Any soft roader could do it. I only drive this when I have to and rather drive long rainbow to get to D.I. Toyota Hilux Jan 27, 2008
293 Nissan Patrol Feb 10, 2007
648 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 24, 2006
19155 Enjoyable drive Toyota Hilux Surf Aug 3, 2006
513 The track is narrow and a bit rough especially over the tree roots. Have had a Mazda RX3 down the track and back but it had ground clearance. Good picnic area but may have to chase off the goanna's. It is a easy run for a 4wd and soft-roader Toyota Prado Apr 15, 2006
2598 on holidays in the hire car Toyota Landcruiser Jan 22, 2006
6015 Nissan Patrol Sep 18, 2005
1907 nice track to lead to camp and beach. watch out for traffic on public holidays Toyota Hilux Dec 9, 2004
1089 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 13, 2004
37329 Toyota Prado Jan 1, 2001
12527 In 2000 Drove out of this track onto the main beach just a suburu wagon got bogged on a rising tide. Just got him out in time. Toyota Hilux Aug 28, 2000