Fultons Creek trk
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Track Description

This section from Walhalla rd to Binns rd has steep rocky sections with some areas solid rock with clay cover.  Potentially very difficult, broken and slippery when wet, certainly low range high clearance vehicle.  One crossing that can be deep, couple of other creek crossings.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11056 Nice Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
1430 Did track on a run with Nickj, Mans and Grey Ghost. Great day out. Track was wet but okay. Got through to Walhalla okay. Nissan Patrol Jun 21, 2014
42992 Some steep rutted loose sections. One river crossing with steep entry, water bonnet deep. Others fine. Subaru Forester Apr 8, 2014
35467 Mitsubishi Triton Jun 10, 2013
17563 Fallen trees still there. Passable if you follow the alternate routes that have been laid out by someone. One large tree requires driving over with some road building, require a steady foot and preferably some guards and clearance. Toyota FJ Cruiser Dec 8, 2012
35059 Started from Walhalla-Aberfeldy Road, then right on Dry Gulley-South Track until I was turned around by several fallen trees at the top of the hill. Steep and rocky in sections, however pretty well graded and no worse than medium in the dry. No dramas for any stock 4wd. Some clayey sections and the river crossing may make it difficult in the wet. LandRover Discovery Sep 22, 2012
27176 Ford Maverick Apr 6, 2012
17563 Fun track with a good river crossing. Several boulders and a large step require some planning during the river crossing but we had no problems in a stock FJ. Toyota FJ Cruiser Mar 11, 2012
25466 Fultons freshly dozed easy going but very steep. good clearance required. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 15, 2011
24643 Very steep and rutted track on both sides of water crossing. Low range, high clearance needed for downhill. Add a locker or two for uphill. i drove this in the wet and would recommend a double diamond rating. Only attempt if well prepared as it's a steep climb out of the creek on both sides. Nissan Patrol Nov 20, 2011
6491 This track has changed recently & I would now rate as black diamond in many parts. Some steep rocky sections & 1 river crossing very deep after all the recent rain. If tackling after rain, have recovery gear ready to use. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 20, 2011
14003 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 15, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 13, 2011
12717 My first track uploaded! Ford Maverick Sep 5, 2010