Gatton to Crows Nest National Park
About the Track
Track Description

A nice little over nighter out of Gatton.
I left Brisbane at 11am rolled into Gatton at 12pm, left Gatton at 1pm and 5 minutes later engaged the hubs, let down the tyres and jumped into the first hill climb. There had been a bit of rain so things were slippery.
The track starts off pretty steep, very rocky and loose with some small washouts, ruts and step ups.
At the top of the hill a nice little track scoots along the top of the mountain ridge. Its easy going.
There are a few bogholes along the way, the first 2 are easy and a bit of fun can be had. The third is a real trick and should only be attempted with a second vehicle along for the ride with snatch strap at the ready. Bypass tracks are avaialble.
You can choose to take the chicken tracks or jump in.
About half way along is a very steep, deep rutted slippery long hill climb. It is very technical and requires clever wheel placement (1st gear low range the whole way). Get out and have a good look at your lines as there is no turning around and no safe reversing down. Once you have committed yourself you have only one way to go and that is up.
I list tis track as moderate as I completed it on my own with no back up vehicle. My heart was racing at times but a level head and careful planning made it easily passable. I did not need the winch and do not have lockers.
Once through you come out at Ravensbourns National Park, there is a nice little day use area with plenty of shade.
I rolled on past Cressbrook and Perseverance Dams and setup camp for the night at Crows Nest National Park.
It's a good quiet spot with clean facilities. The walking trails to the Falls and Pool are well worth the effort.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51367 Good track. Went by my self and had no problems as long as you take your time. Track description is on par Toyota Hilux Jan 5, 2015
54684 Track description is exactly what this is. Heavily rutted at the start. Hang a left at the hill climb. The last 200m is black soil and was very slippery after 20mm of rain was an awesome couple of hours. Mazda BT-50 Dec 27, 2014
29619 Holden Colorado Jun 28, 2012
29619 Did it from Ravensbourne down - easy run, but watch the puddles as they have been known to bite ... Holden Colorado Apr 28, 2011