Glasshouse - Dirty Weekends Tour 9
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This is Tour 9 "Glass House Mountains" from the Dirty Weekends in SE Qld book. You can download the Google earth file of all the tracks here:

4WD Dirty weekends

There is a section of the track that is now restricted access, you can no longer do from point 42 to point 50.

The diversion is to continue straight along Marshes Rd that turns into Barrs Rd. Cross over the train line and turn right onto Steve Irwin way. Join back onto the tour at point 50 by turning left into Moffats Rd.

Be careful at point 30 and 31 both have deep muddy holes that can bog your vehicle quite easily. Point 30 has a chicken track that you can divert around it. Get out and test the hole at point 31.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
57448 Great Track. One Deep Bog hole not far from entrance down steep hill. Nissan Patrol Jan 10, 2015
52098 Very good drive, softroader capable but note 2 sections. First steep up and down by passable to the left (notes in guide), also after following power lines section you come to a creek bed, guide says go right. This part of track can be challenging to navigate due to lots of bogs and ruts (bogs are deep). To bypass go straight ahead at creek and follow tracks up the cut down pines and over the hill. Hard to describe but you'll find it. Nissan Patrol Nov 21, 2014
41956 Good drive Toyota Hilux Jul 27, 2013
30147 No problems, area very dried out. Mitsubishi Triton Jan 3, 2013
30147 No problems, area very dried out. Mitsubishi Triton Jan 3, 2013
6765 Went out with a few of the Earth guys and did some camping aswell. 9 cars went in 4 came out (without damage anyway!). Not for the faint hearted and not for the lone driver. Will definitely go back again Toyota Hilux Sep 8, 2010
12606 Frequent this area Nissan Patrol Aug 28, 2010
6286 did this trek on the weekend after some heavy rain during the week. most parts very drivable. got to point 30/31 and that's where it got messy. creek crossing that is very deep (over the bonnet, thank god I had a snorkel and a diesel). but for those who arnt game, there is an easy way around it. then onto the messy bog hole that we didnt even attempt and neither did some serious 4wders who came up behind us. also chicken track around it is also very messy, we walked it, but no chance in trying it after rain. good day out all the same, cant wait to get back and try some of the many other tracks Toyota Hilux May 25, 2010
9982 No Problems Holden Rodeo Feb 11, 2010
5702 Most roads are quite easy, lots of dirt bikes on weekends so be careful and keep an eye out for them. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 31, 2009
5796 Some great tracks around here. Damage can occurr too easy. Toyota Prado Aug 8, 2009
293 Nissan Patrol May 10, 2008