Glasshouse Mountains
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Fairly easy drive through pine forests. Leveled roads but can be slippery in the wet there is 1 mud hole that can be avoided and a couple of creek crossings which may need walking before attempting. Track has not been completed yet as this is my first track and i will complete it as my second track. Remember always have recovery gear and try to travel at least in pairs and tread lightly. You can find me @ Cool

Be careful of mudholes in this one, I lost my 1st triton to a big sucker, checked it first, seemed fine then she sunk real quick. The hole I sunk it can apparently be avoided, but it requires getting back on the bitumen from the lookout to the national park entrance. Definately take another 4x4. [updated by thedavemeister]

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
35989 Some of the toughest tracks i have come across, big ruts, massive mud holes and some tight corners, Expect some damage of some type here but bloody hell it was great fun Toyota Hilux
46639 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 12, 2014
43110 Ford Ranger Sep 14, 2013
6702 Been numerous times and changes all the time. Can only suggest that if it is wet, stay away. So many different terrains and soils and clays here it isn't funny. Parts can do plenty of damage and are deceiving. Nissan Patrol Jun 19, 2013
13032 had an explore on the weekend some great tracks and a few challenges along the way Nissan Patrol Sep 2, 2012
30042 Tackled a section of this track today while exploring other tracks nearby. Hadn't rained for a couple of weeks so there were no impassable sections. Had to turn back before the end due to bad light (the sun just wouldn't stay up long enough). Did the last few hills in darkness. Fantastic section of road. We had a blast and will be heading back soon to check out the rest of the tracks around there. Nissan Terrano Aug 5, 2012
28831 Drove this track after 3 days of rain and was nice and muddy... some very big bog holes and slippery tracks. Defeinately be going back because this drive was fantastic!! Might be a lot easier in the dry, but TONNS of fun when there is plenty of water around. Holden Colorado Jun 3, 2012
25817 Completed this track today and was my first time in the Glasshouse Mountains and was a totally awesome experience!!! Many thanks for posting this track! Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Feb 12, 2012
25148 Went out for a wheel toady with 3 guys from the Hilux forum. Lots of fun! My old girl looked a little out of place next to the 2010 models with all the bells and whistles! Started at the powerlines and headed up to Tower Hill before dropping down and through the forests to the other set of powerlines and following them back out. Lots of steep descents and ascents with many bog holes to test your skill and vehicle. Picked my own tracks nearly every big obstacle and am happy to say the stock old girl kept up with the new boys and didn't need help once! Awesome day out! Will be going back real soon after the 2' Suspension and front & rear air lockers go in to really try her out! Toyota Hilux Feb 11, 2012
19354 Toyota Prado Jun 3, 2011
19354 Toyota Prado Jun 3, 2011
18971 Toyota Hilux Mar 20, 2011
13101 Nissan Patrol Sep 27, 2010
10642 Have done the Glass house mtns in my Rodeo and on my KTM, love it ther its so big you dont see anyone and the trails are for all types Holden Rodeo May 12, 2010
5702 Went through there with 2 other guys, some of the holes are pretty deep, check them first. Got stuck going up the hill near the Widow maker. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 29, 2009
6286 just got back from a day up around the mountains. few tracks we found, one with very steep ascents/descents. lucky it was dry as a bone otherwise clay would have made it near impossible in the wet. national parks is trying to close places off, but fences are busted down to get in. keen to get back up there. Toyota Hilux Oct 25, 2009
5796 nice scenic drive Toyota Prado Aug 8, 2009
4954 Drove this track today as per the Dirty Weekends Glasshouse Mountains tour. An awesome day out, pretty tricky in some spots considering the amount of rain we endured! Nissan Patrol Jun 21, 2009
4642 pretty wet atm had to turn around on a few tracks wasnt game to try and drive thru Toyota Prado Jun 1, 2009
1693 Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 22, 2008
22793 Did this track with the Jeep club in my old 85 Pajero i impressed em going up the power lines, Great day out Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 15, 2008
943 Jeep Wrangler Jul 5, 2008
4107 The views from the state forest look-out starting point are spectacular if the weather is right. There is a fair bit of traffic on the track and it is frequented often by trail bikes that only travel at one speed (fast). There are several routes that can be taken from the main track, which is great as an introduction for newbies.. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 20, 2008
293 Nissan Patrol May 10, 2008
448 Toyota Hilux Feb 18, 2008
490 Mitsubishi Triton Nov 7, 2007