Glen Chee Track
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Track Description

This track is not recommended for 2wd vehicles, it is for 4x4 with low range and good clearance as you will meet many ascents and descents, it can be slippery with loose rocks on road surfaces or if wet, river crossings and creeks.

Set your GPS to Altitude: 30°44\'34\"S  and  Longitude: 150°10\'43\"E.

If you stay around Sydney,  heading to Blue Mountain - M4 - Great Western Hwy - Jelonan Caves Rd - Black Range Rd (where you will start moderate 4wding) - bear left to Glen Chee rd (start and enjoy the 4wding) -  go straight ahead,  be careful of deep ravine on your left.

At the end of the track there is a great camping ground with toilet and rain water tank. Stand your tent next to the magnificent river (clear water flows between the rocks).

Enjoy the driving.



Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50812 Fairly straightforward in the dry, more blue than black I'd say at present. However there are some sections I'd not recommend taking a soft-roader down. LandRover Discovery Jan 17, 2015
39892 Very easy track down to the cox river. There is a sign at the start of the glen chee track (end of of black range rd)saying theres a gate and nowhere to turn around, but there isnt even a post where a gate was. 3 or 4 small crossings over little river. Remember to let your brakes cool down before 1st crossing at the bottom of the mountain. Toyota Prado Apr 28, 2013
15352 Completed this track and few others with a few mates, 1x Hilux, 1x landrover defender and my D40. The track is very well maintained and is now where near a Blue never mind a Black!! 90% of it could be done in a camry!! in the wet it would be a different story but i would say you could do 100% in a "Soft roader" subaru outback" ect I think and so did the rest of the group this track is GREEN Nissan Navara Jan 26, 2013
29856 Toyota Hilux Jul 13, 2012
29776 Nissan Patrol Jul 5, 2012
23091 great fun in the wet Toyota 4Runner Jan 21, 2011
21611 Glen Chee Track Toyota Landcruiser Aug 18, 2011
11304 After 2 days of constant rain fall the track was very muddy which made us decide to turn back just before the creek crossing. We will have to try again in dry weather. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 3, 2010