Golf Links Rd - Lobethal
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Easy when dry, difficult in wet.There are 4x4 tracks on both sides of the main track... have fun ;-)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
27188 Closed at both ends Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 30, 2015
27188 Closed at both ends Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 23, 2015
48375 Closed both ends with heavy steal gates and large boulders at the lobathal side.. Holden Jackaroo May 3, 2014
34578 Has large steel gates either end of track. Looks like they will be closed during winter/when the track is wet. Was open, but track is in good condition and very easy (not 4WD). Still a nice drive. Don't ruin it and get it permanently locked up! Toyota Landcruiser Apr 13, 2014
40691 closed off but with enough clearance you can go over the bolders that are there to block the road on the south entrance Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 11, 2013
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
36397 Good beginner track in the dry. Enter from Lobethal end off Main St. Mitsubishi Triton Dec 20, 2012
22718 Drove today in dry weather.boulders on lobethal side entrance but heaps of room, didn't realise it was to keep drivers out until we got to other end and found it completely blocked! Would be challenging in wet Toyota Prado Dec 8, 2012
33918 road closed, massive boulders at both ends, no way in. walked about 1km eaither end, bone dry. looks like council have closed this one for good :( LandRover Discovery Nov 5, 2012
34578 Went for a look on the way down to the Coorong and track was closed with big boulders - what a shame, seems we are just about out of local Adelaide tracks... Was a fun track in the mud! Toyota Landcruiser Sep 30, 2012
20736 Wet and boggy, great fun. Huge water hole at the bottom, too deep for any normal 4wd. Mitsubishi Triton Jun 24, 2012
29404 1 week of rain, very muddy... Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 24, 2012
29198 Great fun with all the recent rain, hope the council doesn't interfere with it. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 24, 2012
26651 As i am a beginner, i went here in the dry and it was awesome! the only thing that i didnt do was the tight off camber right hand corner over those big roots. i almost went over. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 8, 2012
28866 Did this track from Nth to Sth last weekend in the family Tribute. Great fun even in the soft-roader! I stuck to the main track as it was only us with no buddy for tow-outs in needed. Even still it was nice and slippery after all the rain we've had. Mazda Tribute May 28, 2012
28770 Did the track last night after it had rain most of the arvo, wicked fun, be better if it was longer. Holden Rodeo May 23, 2012
17811 Good fun track - rare find in the Adelaide hills, hope the council doesnt try to fix it. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 9, 2012
25260 Good fun track, was bone dry though. I did all the side tracks in a stock Subaru. Will be heading back out there after a few days of rain. Subaru Forester Jan 22, 2012
23255 Quite a good little track in the wet and very slippery. Not very long but enough to help rid the 4x4 itch lol especially with it being close to town. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 1, 2011
21824 Went and did this track last night in the rain. Awesome fun. You have to watch out that you don't slide sideways back on to the road on some of the little side tracks. Nissan Patrol Sep 10, 2011
21373 Went down in the afternoon after a bit of rain, the track was awesome, love the little technical parts on the edge of the main road... Nissan Patrol Aug 15, 2011
20345 Was good fun going through the mud and up the steep slopes. Not to wet which was good. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 14, 2011
20524 Great fun in the wet.could have used some muddies to get up some of those step hills. Daihatsu Feroza Jul 19, 2011
4937 easy track, even after big rain last night, there is a rather large water hole to the left down the bottom, was around 4 1/2 foot deep this arvo, bottom is all chewed out and soft. Ford Maverick Jul 3, 2011
19828 Great fun in the wet. Couple of decent bog holes. Couple of slippery hills. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 19, 2011
16536 did this today track easy side tracks worth going for missed 1 very deep ruts might need to get 38" tyres to tackle & a good lift kit :) Mitsubishi Triton Apr 22, 2011
14928 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 22, 2011
16169 Nissan Navara Mar 12, 2011
13714 went south to north in the rain. Has a non council sign saying "road closed". twas tipping down and a little slippery. ruts are getting deep but are avoidable. No "road closed" sign at northern end. Toyota Prado Jan 16, 2011
701 Difficult to get into from Woodside, confusing as there is two roads keep going straight (not to the house numbered section) Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 27, 2010
13982 was very wet, only 2 hills a bit slippy but good fun at night Toyota Landcruiser Dec 7, 2010
334 Would be good fun in the wet. Could be done in a normal AWD in the dry even with minimal clearance. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 5, 2010
14035 went there after the thunderstorm lastnight, was very muddy and slippery in the sections going up the steep hill on the side-road. heaps of fun! Nissan Patrol Dec 1, 2010
12619 Did this track today. It is a track that runs to another dirt road. Says Road Closed. But if you stick in the middle it is easy, if you go up on the sides of the track she gets interesting. One hill if you come from Woodside,or a big slope if you come from Lobethal, would be great in the wet. Nissan Patrol Oct 24, 2010
12810 Adelaides wild weather made this track interesting. Plenty of slop and lots of fun. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 4, 2010
11223 Tried this track today fir the first time, was extremely slippery on a few of the hills, but was good fun. Nissan Navara Aug 1, 2010
10810 I when't after a few days of rain very slippy. Nilly rolled on the steep hill desent slid down sideways. good fun bog hole at the bottom. Only worth doing after a big rain LandRover Discovery Jun 20, 2010
10552 Suzuki Sierra May 13, 2010
11248 Good fun track in the dry and the tracks on either side are well worth a try. Looking forward to trying it in the wet! Mitsubishi Challenger May 2, 2010
6888 Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 15, 2010
354 Toyota Hilux Dec 5, 2009
10552 Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 1, 2009
4069 LandRover Discovery Oct 3, 2009
4937 Ford Maverick Aug 22, 2009
11262 I road my bike on this track numerous times when I was little. Bit more fun with 4 wheels and an engine Toyota Hilux Surf