Goodna Bush
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Track Description
Great Day out. Combination of terrain. Can go easy or as hard as you like. Take recovery gear, have proper recovery points and don\'t go alone.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
25148 Tried it today. Came in from Springfield side and on cross over creek to bellbird park site, got little stuck in big muddy drop off. All fun though! Probably would have been ok with muddies on and if I picked right line! Live and learn! Lots of fun. Will be back next week. Toyota Hilux Jan 15, 2012
5796 Jeep Cherokee Oct 14, 2010
11872 Awesome Track, a bit of mud but mostly rocky hills. My IFS on 32's struggled up some hills but made all I tried. Holden Rodeo Jul 12, 2010
4136 Great track so close to town. Plenty of options to try out winches (I used mine three times) and other advanced recovery techniques. Some good hill climbs in there as well! Toyota Hilux Nov 16, 2009
5881 My first "real" track... a little challenging for a noob but with the right advise it was a great day out. Toyota Hilux Nov 14, 2009
5796 Shit hot run. Good to see Frosty stuck. Need more time to play though. Toyota Prado Nov 13, 2009
3314 Great Run recovery gear is a must and dont go on your own Nissan Navara Nov 13, 2009
513 Great mud hole and many hours of fun. Some tracks are challenging and other easy but gives everyone a good cross section of 4x4 road experiences Toyota Prado Nov 1, 2009
6399 Great track with loads of options and varied terrain. Good to build experience and get familiar with vehicle capabilities. Ssangyong Musso Nov 1, 2009