Goughs Bay Hill Climb
About the Track
Track Description

Track starts near the Goughs Bay CFA shed and winds up the hill and then around the side of the mountain and back down.    Sounds easy.  9 vehicles attempted this on 10.07.10 as part of a Kevington weekend.   No one made it to the top of the main hill.   A lot of shovelling the tops off the graded areas ( see pictures ) and almost a couple of rollovers.

Track was dry when we tried it and I would class it as difficult in the condition we found it.   It would be harder in the wet.

Lift is needed to get over the mounds

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
1430 Done this a few times, no easier now than the first time Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 12, 2010
130 The erosion mounds are steep enough that a vehicle like the Triton was scraping on most of them until it got hung up about 3/4 the way up - turned around at that point. Track also has numerous little wheel width size wash outs cut into it , very annoying because you can not get any speed/momentum going in these areas. Mitsubishi Triton Sep 2, 2010
11056 Big wash outs Nissan Patrol Jul 10, 2010
6015 They have put some huge wash outs in the track. Makes for more fun. Nissan Patrol Jul 10, 2010
10413 scariest moment ever Toyota Landcruiser Jul 10, 2010