Hillsborough Tracks
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Some 15 acres of bush tracks to explore at your leisure.

Grades from easy to absolutely challenging. 2 ponds to cross or go round, tracks always harder after rain.

 Heinz Edit

South East entrance of this track off Warners Bay Rd is easiest to get in 


OGJON Update: This area has been locked off by council several large concrete barriers & locked gates how ever some ppl in 4wds have made another entrance off of Hillsborough Rd going around the concrete blocks 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41357 Certainly plenty of mud/holes full of water if that's your thing. Didn't confirm every single adjoining track, but did confirm that there's basically only one way in and out now. The main access gate was definitely unlocked and open, although I do question the validity of this as every other access point has been gated and or fenced in (with concrete blocks and steel cable fencing also around those gated areas, so they've obviously been there a while and mean business). Basically just a large test/play area for rough rigs, as none of the tracks lead anywhere (no lookouts or fire towers, etc) and as far as I could see, there's only one way in/out. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 20, 2015
21106 some good tracks in his area Nissan Patrol Aug 10, 2011
6637 when it's wet u will slip & slid all over the joint and thats just on the main track i went there 2 day and had a ball Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 30, 2009
6271 this area is private property & closed off to public access local council has put concrete blocks there to stop ppl going in. however ppl don't seem to care & have made other ways in. If caught in there big fines apply. Hyundai Terracan Nov 27, 2009
6630 Closed to public? The gates to drive right on in have been opened every time I've been... Went along today was fun... Daihatsu Feroza Nov 27, 2009
6630 Great fun, fantastic place for someone to test out their 4x4, I went out with my Feroza and a mate who has a KJ Jeep. The warners bay road entrance is definitely easier. I’m looking forward to going out there after there has been a bit more rain. Daihatsu Feroza Nov 21, 2009
3252 is this actually a legal 4x4 area?? council appears to try and prevent access??? Toyota Landcruiser Apr 17, 2009
4036 Lots of fun, something for everyone & vehicle south eastern entrance on Warners Bay Road easiest & quickest to get into tracks. Nissan Patrol Apr 12, 2009
3404 Drive the track today. Had a great time. The entry from the northern end is a bit hairy. Entry just after then entrance to the gold club. Very muddy with a big rock in the way. But when past that no problems. There is a large quarry area with hills of varying difficulty. easy exit to the south. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 11, 2009