Horseshoe rd
About the Track
Track Description

This is an old fire trail that has lots of very sharp rocks, some tight steep hills and three little creek crossing\'s and some big spoon drain\'s.

there are lots of tracks that run off the main track.

This took me 40min in a feroza with low range used most of the way.

Start Location:

    Latitude: 35.856319º S   Longitude: 150.091054º E End Location:     Latitude: 35.828973º S   Longitude: 150.125725º E

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
56708 First time 4x4 drive. Great track. Only went in about 20min then turned back. Wished I could have kept going. Lots of fun! Quite rocky Jeep Grand Cherokee Feb 21, 2015
11004 Top trail which can keep you entertained for hours :) Would recommend this and a cruise around the area some great views in the general vicinity to be seen. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 6, 2011