Hughenden to the Lynd via Kennedy Development road
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The route from Huhgenden to Porcupine gorge is just a single ashfelt road, the road that leads to the gorge is easy & can be done by a normal car although not reccomended, after that its a windy road for a couple of hundred kilometres, heading north to north east, watch out for cattle & feral pigs, the road is a bit lumpy but no deep accents or decents it goes from gravel to sand with no warnings, & takes a full 8 hours just driving, plenty of river/creek crossings so if your going on it make sure you find out about recent rain activity because the depths of some like the Clarke River & the Einsliegh rivers are deeper than they look.

There are quite a few lakes you go by too which are full of wetlands life & are beautiful like Lake Louisa.

Turn right at lat 19.314 south, 144.15 east to go to a magical lake, at 19.325 s 144.180 e turn right, then at 19.335 s 144.185 head left to a big lake, its well worth the stop, & its not far off the beaten track as it were.

All in all its a good run with plenty to see along the way.

I forgot to take my camera so no pics to show

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
843 2013/2014 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 9, 2015
52330 Did this track in the rain!!! car and trailer covered in red mud but great fun Holden Colorado Jul 18, 2012
13661 nice drive, could be fun in the wet, on our way to cape York. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 9, 2010
29251 On our way home from the Cape - stuck behind a very large mob of cattle for quite some time Nissan Patrol
10203 Toyota Hilux Dec 27, 2009
5367 Toyota Landcruiser
1635 LandRover 110 Apr 9, 2000
2195 Nissan Patrol