Jellore Powerline Climb
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I don't know how much there is to see and do in this area; I only had time to check out the powerline climb. There are easy chicken tracks around the sides, but the main event is a mildly steep climb consisting of loose rocks and rock steps. I rate most of this as difficult, but one section was certainly an extreme grade (steps around 1m high). There's a great view at the top.
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How to get there:
Starting from the corner of Old Hume Hwy & Wombeyan Caves Rd, Mittagong, proceed up Wombeyan Caves Rd for around 800m, and turn RIGHT into Kells Creek Road. Follow this for maybe 2km, until you get to a very sharp S bend, continue through and immediately on the right is a dirt road which leads north into Jellore State Forest. Around 2.5km down this trail you'll see a track on the left which opens straight up to the powerline. That's the start.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36379 Found a few tracks in the area other then the big climb, good tracks for stock or slightly modified vehicles to play on Toyota Hilux Mar 31, 2013
37275 Completed this track not long ago with my Patrol - we tackled all tracks this powerline and the hill climb behind the state forest. not really familiar with the track names but its all good fun Nissan Patrol Oct 28, 2013
41572 Managed the first half of the climb easily with AT's, no lockers or lift. Chicken track (graded road) from the halfway point up to the top and back down to the bottom was accessible. Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 11, 2013
39942 Great day, bit more of challenge last time. I didn't drive, was my friend Nik. Track has been modified by someone with authorisation. The trail is blocked at one point with large rocks but we still made it past. One chicken track has been blocked but you can now get up it thanks to me haha! The access road now cuts through part of the track :( Toyota Hilux May 5, 2013
37816 Looks like they got sick of people using it because they have an excavator up there and some big (4 foot +) rocks placed across the middle with no way around. Disappointing wanted to get everyone to the top without using the maintenance road Nissan Patrol Apr 25, 2013
36059 it was very hard but fun got up but had to use a few chicken tracks Great Wall v200 Mar 16, 2013
36809 tba Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 30, 2012
29776 Nissan Patrol Jul 5, 2012
27936 Great track. The view from the top is amazing, perfect spot for lunch. The climb itself is very challenging if you decide to go straight up the middle. Very steep with some very big step-ups. Each difficult section has very easy chicken track to the side so the climb is still suitable for most 4wds. Nissan Patrol Apr 25, 2012
17302 Had a fun day in Jellore SF. The powerline hasn't changed much. It was very wet this time, so had to skip the hardest section half way up. Toyota Prado Mar 4, 2012
26093 Track was very washed out which mad it heaps of fun. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 4, 2012
10397 was pretty fun track to break in the d-max. wil def b bak with a group. Isuzu D Max Oct 15, 2011
10731 great bit of track. view from the top was sensational. the track keeps going for a while past the top down the other side, but very steep Toyota Hilux Oct 9, 2011
20686 Great fun! will be back to tackle the big steps when there is enough daylight Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sep 18, 2011
20291 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 8, 2011