Kanagra Walls
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Kanagra Walls

After leaving Jenolan Caves head towards Kanagra Walls, turn left into dirty track, there will be a sign identifying where you are.

Anyway... the trip towards Kanagra Walls is easy, as a matter of fact we saw standard Subarus and other smaller SUVs at the end of the track. The view of the Walls is breath taking. There is also a walk down the gorge and access to a beautiful Water falls which, once again is breath taking.


Heading back out of Kanagra Walls heading back along the track there are a few tracks on the left hand side, take those and it will take you down the Kowung River. You will need a vehilce that has both high and low range, especailly if it has been raining or wet. The muddy track can cause you to slip and without low range you might not have the grip required, especially coming up from the river.

Approaching the river it becomes steep, once again, if it has been raining or the track is wet, low range is required, I found this very useful with my 80 Landcruiser. This is also confirmed with my companion with his 91 Nissan Patrol.

You can cross the river in the dry period, however, crossing it during wet period or short after wet periods is not recommended unless your vehicle is lifted and you feel that your vehicle is capable of such crossing.

Safe driving


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 pea soup at the walls and no fence bit scary Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2015
40449 Some difficult crossing. Great in the winter months, but cold! Subaru Outback Dec 22, 2014
39906 Good road, easy to drive, quite busy in Easter. We did a 12 km walk to Cottage Rock, and camp in the Boyd river area. Fantastic weekend! Mitsubishi Outlander Mar 29, 2013
24725 Easy drive, take your time and enjoy the walls. The short walk down to the falls is not to hard and the kids had fun in the water. Mitsubishi Triton Feb 9, 2013
18410 Easy track, saw sedans and hatches going in and out and at the Boyd river campsite. The view at the end was OUTSTANDING! Wanted to check out the Kowmung river tracj and campsites but didn't have enough fuel after doing some tracks around Lithgow near Lake Lyell. Nissan Patrol Dec 30, 2012
12671 Toyota Landcruiser Nov 2, 2012
15698 Nice track, easy-going with the camper trailer too. Stayed at Dingo Dell, good camping but better bring your own firewood as all the easy stuff is gone. Toyota Prado Aug 3, 2012
11356 What a View :) Nissan Patrol Feb 28, 2011
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 2, 2010
12130 Went here last weekend. On road tyres in the Disco 3 and had an absolute ball. WE did about 6 hours of 4x4ing, and the kids enjoyed it immensely. Even had to pull a Patrol out with his snatch strap. Very impressive drive and great fun. LandRover Discovery Aug 22, 2010
11451 Toyota Hilux Jul 26, 2010
4853 Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 30, 2009
5516 Nissan Patrol Aug 31, 2009
5477 Great Track. Toyota Prado Aug 23, 2009
2962 Thanks 80LC. I think this is the beginning of a very easy long (weekend trip style) track i know. A great track for even an inexperienced 4x4er, however a trip that cannot be done alone must travel with at least one other 4wd! Toyota Landcruiser Dec 23, 2008
12401 full white out when we went there, couldnt see anything and yes slippery when wet Toyota Landcruiser Apr 10, 2007
10010 Nissan Pathfinder