King Billy Track
About the Track
Track Description
This track is a relatively easy track however high clearance is required with decent off road tyres. Depending on the season and traffic it can be dusty and chopped. It begins at the end of Howitt Rd and travels through to the Bluff track taking youpast Lovicks Hut and on to Bluff Hut.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
39493 Very easy, quite boring. Pretty views. Nissan Patrol Nov 6, 2013
29826 Worth the drive just for the views, the interesting sections of track make it even better! Nissan Navara Jun 8, 2013
25463 colorado, 2 inch lift, stock tyres. Lunch at lovicks hut or camp near the old horse yards under the snow gums. Relativly easy track but with a 3 sections of old lava flow about 40m long that need to be raversed. No real line to speak of so must be careful with diff and transfer case placement. Only point i bottomed out was on those little rollover drains in the road courtesy of parks vic. Descent down to the vally floor is honestly kind boring, not a lot to look at.Meandering track though vally floor and up to howitt high plains is reasonably nice. beware fallen trees on high side of road cuttings. Holden Colorado Jan 6, 2012
22235 Road tyres (Hankook Ventus AS 235/55 R19), clearance OK, conditions damp but not wet. No problems whatsoever. LandRover Freelander 2 Nov 15, 2011
10800 Fantastic Views, some tricky sections Toyota Landcruiser Mar 13, 2011
645 Lava Flow is great especially has it had a cover of snow on it. Nissan Navara Jun 13, 2010
488 Some great views along here Nissan Patrol Apr 21, 2010
10203 Agree, easy but rough. The old lava flow is awesome. Toyota Hilux Apr 3, 2010
12717 Great alpine track, rocky and interesting. Ford Maverick Mar 23, 2010
6015 Nissan Patrol Jan 27, 2010
5796 Easy but rough. Lots of fallen trees not properly cleared from the track. Made it difficult to get kamper around. Toyota Prado Jan 4, 2010
5796 Rough as guts and dusty too. Toyota Prado Oct 29, 2009