Kowmung Rivr Fire Trail
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The Kowmung River Fire trail links ups between the Kanangra Walls Rd and Mount Werong Rd via the Banshea Rd. I found the trail to be easy but if there has benn some rain in the area the ascent / decent to the Kowmung river on the Kanangra Walls Rd side could be very slippery due to red clay.

There is some great camping on this track the Kowmung River has some good camping spots and also Dingo Dell which this track passes through ( Dingo Dell is on private property ). Check the river level before crossing the climb out is a bit rocky and about a 30 degree climb.

Once linked up to the Banshea Rd its a straight forward drive to the T intersection of the Mout Werong Rd. If attempting this track after rain a good set of tyres Cooper ST\'s or more aggressive may be required also an axe may be handy.

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Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 nothing hard Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2015
35836 Good for first time 4w4 Nissan Navara Nov 26, 2012
17302 An easy drive in dry conditions. Trails were in good condition and could be traveled quite quickly. Toyota Prado Nov 10, 2012
12671 An easy drive although could be interesting after heavy rain Toyota Landcruiser Nov 3, 2012
29169 Nissan Patrol Jun 9, 2012
20726 Came from the Wombean Caves side, 2nd day got to Dingo Dell about lunch time, it had not stopped raining (continuos light drizzle) for 2 days, once past the river crossing there was a steep 3 stage clay hill, very slippery and many attempts, luckly there was another group in front that offered to winch me the last 1m to the top other wise I would have had to turn back. A lot of mud and very slippery coming to Kanagra main road. a lot of fun. Mazda Bravo Aug 9, 2011
14540 The track was great until we reached the river :( Just be careful if it rains, we had a late afternoon shower which made the clay track pretty slippry ... but lots of fun :) The river was up and flowing pretty fast ... not something for a noob to try ;) Nissan Navara Jan 1, 2011
11304 My favorit part of our Caves to Caves trip Toyota Landcruiser Oct 2, 2010
12401 River was up when we went and only a couple of us could cross so we turned back from there Toyota Landcruiser Aug 28, 2010
19315 Nissan Patrol Jul 31, 2010
11451 Scenic track, slippery when wet on the approach to the river. Toyota Hilux Jul 26, 2010
10003 Was bored saturday night, so set off from blacktown at 9am. Was doing the track between midnight and 2am, my brother rode his mountain bike down in front of me. Great track with some fun steep sections. River crossing has a very rocky bottom so getting stuck isn't much of an issue. Daihatsu Feroza Feb 20, 2010
10731 we did it over two days as part of a caves to caves trip, camped at dingo dell. very easy to do it in two but could be done in one. Toyota Hilux Jan 24, 2010
4853 Easy when dry, went there even with normal tyre pressure... could be up to difficult in wet... very nice drive and for sure a good exercise for beginners... nice camping spot in the middle... Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 30, 2009
5516 Nissan Patrol Sep 7, 2009
5477 Very slippery when wet Toyota Prado Sep 7, 2009
5477 Toyota Prado Aug 23, 2009
5516 Nissan Patrol Aug 23, 2009
3669 Slippery when wet. Clay turns icy smooth. Learnt to reverse start as was almost sideways. Tyres didn't handle conditions well. Stick to rocky side of ascent for better grip rather than smooth but slippy side. Toyota Prado Jul 26, 2009
13473 Great fun river crossing Toyota Hilux Surf Jun 21, 2001