kurth kiln
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map shows approximate location but map didnt show the smaller tracks so if you follow the road into kurth kiln there are many little tracks that are fairly easy , just avoid the abandoned cars. also there are some fairly deep mud holes which i had to pull a patrol out (again) with my 3ltr hilux. he knows who he is. Did most of the tracks without putting it into 4wd and this was in dry weather. had to use my winch once to pull out a nissan, but tracks are good for beginners.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
43725 Track was closed Jeep Wrangler Oct 13, 2013
42672 grate day out but all other tracks around Kurth Kiln where shut off Toyota Landcruiser Sep 20, 2013
28798 loved this track, good for dirt bikes done it at night and day gets narrow in some corners for a patrol but nothing major. i will recommend this for a beginner even if it has a Hilux.. Nissan Patrol Dec 22, 2012