lake cobbler track
About the Track
Track Description

Lake Cobbler track commences at the Upper Rose River. Pretty straighforward until you reach the turn off to Wild Horse Gap track. from this point on it becomes very narrow and windy, in wet conditions slippery as the track has a mud/clay base which they have added rock to. the track climbs to a ridge line and then past the Dandongadale falls which is fed by lake Cobbler a swamp which was dammed in the 50\'s.  Highest falls in the state with a drop of 225 metres.  Once at the lake the road is subject to a seasonal closure and the track turns to red clay/mud slop. flat country but slippery.definitely 4wd after the gate.   

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
1161 Beware that the location flag is pinned on the map nowhere near The Cobbler, but north east of the Snowy Plains Airstrip. Toyota Landcruiser May 27, 2012
10203 Toyota Hilux Jul 24, 2011