Larapinta Trail
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Track Description

The Larapinta Trail Access has a few tracks branching off in the area, beautiful place for camping. We camped in the sand next to the river and it\'s just really really nice everywhere around there. Very quite and out of the way. Heading out to Hugh Gorge you get a real nice view of the hills ahead, sections of creek bed are really rocky so strap yourself in and buy power steering. The tracks aren\'t all that long but we spent about a day exploring the whole area, there is a section of track that is probably the steepest we found on our whole trip around the red center, (which you can go around)... But it\'s basically a crossing entry with a bit of rock and is pretty fun, not hard but fun, water was probably 3/4 up the wheels.

Entry is 9Ks up the Namatjira Drive from the Larapinta Drive intersection, and is not a loop.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
664 Nissan Patrol Jul 19, 2013
37329 Toyota Prado Nov 19, 2010
11262 Awesome place for camping. Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 26, 2010
37329 Toyota Prado Nov 17, 2000