Latrobe River Crossing and Track
About the Track
Track Description

Track starts on Latrobe River Road, joins into H Tree Extension Road and then onto an un-named track.   The track ends up at a large campsite area on the banks of the Latrobe River.    There is a good river crossing at this point.   See YouTube link for the river crossing.

Once you cross the river, you have a choice of 3 ways to continue on.   All 3 are good tracks.

The track is not overly steep, but has some good rutted areas and being on a clay base was very slippery in the wet.

Plenty of other tracks around this area too.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
17104 no crossing anymore, because of the bridge. Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 15, 2012
14393 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 5, 2011
11056 Nissan Patrol Oct 23, 2010
5325 Easy entrance and exit to the crossing, the creek wasn't flowing fast and was shallow. If anyone finds my rego plate in there nail it to a tree lol Toyota Hilux Surf Mar 14, 2010
4531 Crossing was good, the way in and out are slowly being eaten up and getting to the point where you need lift. Seemed going back and forth was the thing to do while i was there. only one loose boulder in the water(visible). They are about to repair enrty/exit to the crossing. Mitsubishi Triton Aug 1, 2009
4531 Was a nice drive, and good to see some bush that was not too fire affected. Was just a passenger in the Paj this time but next time i'll take the Triton- it'd be slipery after rain. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 22, 2009
4530 Track was nice and easy, good for getting a feel again, not too easy to be boring. Had to give the river Xing a miss, the entry was too torn up to go without a lift, and the river was quite high. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 19, 2009
762 A good easy track with many others around the area, good easy tracks for the beginner or somebody just looking for an easy day in the bush. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 19, 2009
360 Did this on Saturday in wet conditions, track was easy and the river crossing was alot of fun, see vid here of me(inside Triton) and forum member Kirvin(Paj): Mitsubishi Triton May 16, 2009