Laura to Maytown
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This track was originally used by Cobb & Co coaches in the late 1800\'s to the centre of the Palmer River Goldfields, Maytown.

The track up and over hills is not steep as horses had to pull the coaches up the hills and through the mountains however, the track has not been maintained for over 150 years.  Consequently it has been rated accordingly and also because of the many washouts.

Most of the track needs to be driven to low range to be safe and after the dozen times I have done it, no damage to any vehicles. If one travels with the motto "Low & slow" - all will be okay.

It is recommended that you do not attempt this track as a single vehicle because UHF radios and mobile phones do not have coverage, should you encounter a problem.

It is also highly recommended that the track not be attempted during the local "Wet season", being December to March.

Water rushes down the track in some areas and you won\'t be able to see the holes in the track. If you try to drive around the water you will spend all day winching as the country becomes saturated. (See photos)

Also in the wet you will encouter many gully and creek crossings where the water is channelled into narrow creeks and the water roars through, too fast to cross at any depth. If it rains while you are in this area, then the gullies, creeks and rivers will rise behind you which could isolate you for weeks. After the gullies and creeks, you also have to cross the Laura, Little laura, North Palmer and Palmer Rivers.

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Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52330 Great Track, a bit dusty and dry with hints of smoke. still some water in Jawlbina. should have camped there. plenty to see in Maytown. lots of History and nice rock steps. Holden Colorado Nov 8, 2014
14155 The track from Lakeland to Maytown is in great condition (average 60-70km/hr) and you don't get into 4WDuntil the old coach road. The Coach road is very eroded but a bit of patience and you'll get through safely. Don't underestimate how long the coach road will take either, The first 20km from Maytown took us 3 hours, so leave a day or do an overnighter. Toyota Hilux Aug 15, 2012
6015 Nissan Patrol Jun 17, 2012
5796 Good track. We did it with the Kimberly Kamper in tow with no problems what so ever. Wouldn't have been a challenge without the camper. Very different scenery and some aboriginal paintings if you know where to find them. Toyota Prado Jul 13, 2010
3197 Going in on Whites Creek road from Sth of Palmer River Roadhouse is easy to find & comes out in Laura. Camping on the Laura River is good also. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 17, 2008
5367 Is this track still open? I heard it was now closed??? I did it a few years ago Maytown to Laura direction in a Troopy. No sweat but, as you say, low and slow (not much choice really) Toyota Landcruiser Jul 23, 2006