Leisha Track Tewah Beach Double Island Point Rainbow Beach Mudlo Rocks
About the Track
Track Description
Leisha Track is a short cutting through the sand dunes between Tewah and Rainbow beaches starting south of the foot track to the Double Island Point lighthouse. Deep soft sand and constructed plank track for a few hundred metres between the beaches. Watch tyre pressures. From double Island Point to Rainbow Beach township is about 10 klms along a changeable beach. Usually a good clear run. Watch the tide times. At the Rainbow Beach end of the beach are the infamous Mudlo Rocks, somtimes covered by sand, sometimes impassable. If in doubt don\'t try getting around or over them. Many cars have been lost here.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
53029 The paj was having alternator issues so we took the old mans diesel 100 series instead. When we got to the beach though, the hubs would not engage!!! We could have got away with it except we didn't get of the beach quick enough and got caught in some soft sand coz the tide had come in too far already... had to get towed off the beach by some mates... embarrassed as.. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 4, 2014
31910 No issues getting around Mudlo Rocks. Leisha track quite good also. Isuzu D Max Sep 21, 2014
53029 Nice and easy until tide started to come in pretty quickly, and then there was a few minutes of sweaty palms getting around mudlo rocks racing the tide back up rainbow with the old paj full of gear!! :-) Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 26, 2013
38119 Good short track entrance on Teewah side very soft Toyota Hilux Jul 28, 2013
24076 Realatively easy, but watch out for soft sand. 2inch lift would be recommended. But great fun. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 10, 2013
42045 Mazda Bravo Sep 18, 2012
27342 Great track, however the beach from Leisha Track to Rainbow beach is now very narrow as a result of erosion. The Mudlo Rocks were not passable this time... AWESOME day out though! Mazda BT-50 Jun 2, 2012
24726 Easy trip. Great weather Jeep Cherokee Dec 27, 2011
24350 Holden Frontera Dec 14, 2011
18760 Mudlo Rocks were totally covered by sand today. No issues at all getting past an hour after low tide. Ford Ranger May 14, 2011
664 Nissan Patrol Mar 27, 2011
14821 Sketchy rocks is what they should call it Ford Ranger Jan 4, 2011
293 Nissan Patrol Sep 22, 2010
495 great fun Jeep Cherokee Jun 20, 2010
4954 Nissan Patrol Apr 8, 2010
10303 hard to pass now after bad weather, you will drive in the water here and there. Nissan Pathfinder Feb 23, 2010
664 Not much of a thrill anymore as it is hard to pass the debri to travel Rainbow Nissan Patrol Aug 18, 2009
5367 Toyota Hilux Aug 2, 2009
4074 Fabulous run very beautiful views great fun!! Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 10, 2009
513 Nice run along beach Toyota Prado May 5, 2008
5882 A great place to go when the south easters are blowing. Very secluded and great swimming. Toyota Hilux Jan 27, 2008
6015 Nissan Patrol Sep 18, 2005
37329 Toyota Prado Dec 28, 2001
12527 Great fishing Toyota Hilux Aug 29, 2000