Lennox Head Beach
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This is a pretty easy sand track. Lots of fun and not too difficult unless there is a king tide. Before low tide is the best time to do this one, so check tide times. Shortly after we left a large storm system came in and waves were right to the top of the sand in some places.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
206 Please note: The local council has passed a bill to implement pay as you go last week. Should be in place next year with and automatic permit machine to be placed at entrances to beach. Nissan Patrol Jun 29, 2015
53014 Was looking for some sand practice as I had never done it before. Lennox gave me the confidence to tackle more challenging tracks and beaches. The permits keep most people away it seems...although a shark had closed most beaches so that could have kept them away also! LandRover Discovery Feb 14, 2015
39363 Went here yesterday with our Pathy and Dad's Prado. Was extremely easy at low tide, but the distance was very short, maybe 3kms, and you aren't allowed into the dunes. Not much point coming here if you're looking for practice for Fraser etc. Looks like it would be a good fishing spot though. Also, very good for first time sand drivers to get the feel of driving on sand in a safe place. Nissan Pathfinder Apr 28, 2014
6770 nice easy beach drive, love it up there Audi Q7 Nov 27, 2013
495 grew up 5 min from here. was always free but now you need a pass, which sucks but oh well. dogs allowed. the awesome lake ainsworth tea tree lake here too, a must swim for anyone visiting. easy beach driving, just keep an eye out for kids Nissan Patrol Dec 28, 2012
17818 I wanted a beach drive close to my home at the gold coast. After some researching at a $56 yearly permit off i went. The only tough part of this drive is the getting on to the beach. It was a bit of a let down as the distance your allowed to travel is VERY SHORT. Hardly a beach drive at all but hey, if your itching for a sand run, then it beats any day sitting at home. Nissan Patrol Jun 27, 2010
37329 Toyota Hilux Jun 23, 2009