Litchfield National Park
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Track Description
This is a brilliant area to do some 4X4 driving as it is a national park and there was so much to do. We holidayed up there a few years ago and it was so much fun. There are about 5 roads to remember and I have looked them up for you. From Batchelor a small town south of Darwin, you take Litchfield Park road, Reynolds River track, Daly River road, Dorat road and Stuart Highway. We spent over a week at this National Park visiting the sites and I got to go through my first ever river crossing which was bloody excellent. I have included some pics from the area.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 great waterfalls and creek crossings Toyota Landcruiser Jun 6, 2015
11304 2WD all the way Toyota Landcruiser May 21, 2013
10452 Regular visitors to Litchfield, great for a day trip, or more. Most 4x4 tracks are closed during the Wet, for obvious reasons. Jeep Cherokee
5631 Ford Territory Aug 19, 2009
6015 Nissan Patrol May 15, 2009
925 The Reynolds River is a Fun track. Did just after the first rain fell for the wet season. 3 river crossings. The first one heading from inside the park towards the exit was the fullest but still only 60cm. The second one is an S bend shape and was pretty empty when we went through but I can see that it would be interesting during the wet season! Good track for beginners in the dry. Can't really comment on in the wet but the signs there say you may need a snorkel. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Oct 12, 2008
1635 Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 9, 2008
2765 Toyota Prado May 25, 2005
10203 Reynolds River Track is closed during the wet season Toyota Hilux
975 Fantastic area to visit. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 15, 2004
13473 Toyota Hilux Surf Jun 23, 2001
5507 Toyota Landcruiser
116 Spectacular in the wet season - and no crowds of people to contend with. Nissan Patrol Feb 2, 1997