Lithgow to Bathurst
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Track Description

This is long trek if you come from Sydney but worthwhile as there are many histroical sites from the Goldrush days. I have included my GPS readings and a brief description of what to do.

GPS S:33 28.683 E:150 08.122 Cnr Lithgow Great Western Hwy and Cooerwull Rd Proceed West until Road junction turn North onto Castlereagh Hwy

GPS S:33 10.054 E:149 59.900 Road junction in Capertee

GPS S:33 08.790 E:149 59.077 Road to West Turon Gates Rd

GPS S:33 08.612 E:149 55.523 12.4 km to River crossing

GPS S:33 08.832 E:149 51.466 Road to South Sofala Rd

GPS S:33 06.967 E:149 46.286 Road to South Red Hill Rd

GPS S:33 05.594 E:149 42.844 Swimming Hole and 2.7 km turn left Upper Turon Rd and right at Owen st proceed through town to West

GPS S:33 04.831 E:149 41.482 Sofala Hotel

GPS S:33 04.440 E:149 39.003 Bridge over the Turon River

GPS S:33 02.656 E:149 37.583 Road junction head West

GPS S:33 01.945 E:149 25.006 Hill End Royal Hotel

GPS S:33 03.914 E:149 25.009 Cross Turon River

GPS S:33 05.665 E:149 24.026 Old Mine Tunnel

GPS S:33 06.508 E:149 23.910 2km down Rd from Johnsons Hole take extreme caution as road is winding and narrow and has many blind spots

GPS S:33 08.786 E:149 27.404 Bruinbun Reserve Camping Spot track junction

GPS S:33 18.294 E:149 33.152 Road juntion take Bridle track

GPS S:33 22.412 E:149 32.841 Crossroads Bridle track and Hill End

GPS S33 24.900 E149 34.928 Bathurst Please note that there are so many campsites, historical sites and nature views along the way so you should plan what you wish to visit by aquiring a map of the loacl area and be prepared for anything because 4x4 driving can be demanding.Hope this has been of help KingCong.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
35603 Enjoyed this track with the Rav 4, it was our first track we did alone, we got lost and nearly ended up back on the Great western highway, but soon turned back to find the track, we then found a group to follow and had a lot of fun, in the dry. Unfortunately the Hill End to Bathurst Bridle track was closed due to landslide. Toyota RAV4 Jan 1, 2013
14189 Nissan Navara Dec 30, 2012
35887 Nissan Patrol Nov 16, 2012
10301 Excellent day out, heaps of picnic/camping and fishing spots. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 28, 2010
6817 Nissan Patrol Aug 15, 2009
3734 Nissan Patrol Mar 17, 2009
1214 Toyota Prado Jul 28, 2008
5796 Toyota Prado Jun 14, 2008