Little Nerang Rd to Hinze Dam
About the Track
Track Description
Really Easy Access to the south west side of the dam. After the new access point is finished next year, the track will be great as the council will stop trying to fill in the rutts after the rain 
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41612 Went back again today. Main gate open. There is no track here any more! It's all SEQ Water land with big gates. It's just a tarmac road to the boat ramp now. This point should be removed as a track. Toyota Prado Dec 17, 2013
41612 Went up there today but SEQ Water have a gate on it. Says closed between 6pm and 6am every day. Well it was 1pm on a Sunday so I guess it's closed weekends too. Will try again on a weekday maybe. Nissan Patrol Jul 14, 2013
28282 Good look at the dam Holden Colorado May 4, 2012
877 try it out LandRover 110 Feb 18, 2012
2523 Mazda BT-50 Sep 9, 2010
17067 Easy access to dam, good little track to water in under 5mins. Ford Territory May 26, 2010