About the Track
Track Description

This area has something for everyone. You could take your stock fourby along the main tracks with no difficulty or you could take your Comp truck and have a ball. This run is a moderate rating. Reasonable clearance vehicles with off road tyres preferably. In the wet there are some good creek runs with good firm bases. Make sure you have a snorkel.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
27904 Entrance off Grampian Drive roundabout is heavily signed as private property - no trespassing. Toyota Prado Apr 24, 2012
18350 Went along here after rain over the weekend. Very muddy, lots of bogholes and also lots of fun. Plenty of places to keep away from trouble if using a stock vehicle. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 13, 2011
6957 Did this one with landie, raider, suzi and a motocross. There is fun for everyone with basic tracks, sand driving, climbs and mud pits. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 28, 2011
14440 Toyota Hilux Surf Jan 9, 2011
14112 Got stuck out here this arvo. Went through fine the first time but got stuck on the way back. Toyota Hilux Dec 8, 2010
670 Lot's of fun. Lots of varing tracks some hard enough for me to smash a CV Nissan Patrol May 24, 2010
5796 Top fun with a good group of people. Toyota Prado May 23, 2010
3314 Great run plenty to play on Nissan Navara May 23, 2010
6765 First track completed with the new MTZ's. Went out with some of the SEQLD crew and had a sweet couple of hours playing around Toyota Hilux May 23, 2010
5796 great fun Toyota Prado May 23, 2010
5796 great fun Toyota Prado May 23, 2010