Lockyer State Forest
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Lockyer has has some great areas and now I am starting to see \"Private Property - Keep Out\" signs on tracks.  The state forest track has a small section that is Privately owned and needs the due respect.  The state forest area has some interesting tracks which are steep and for fire access the dozer has area some of the big rocks off the track.  Still has some rough areas and challenging.  Good for a night drive but need to consider others.  We caught some guys spot lighting not sure it was for roo\'s or not.


The Western section of the track just before leaving the state forest was the best fun

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51367 Good fun. I'm a bit scared to attempt the middle track at the top though Toyota Hilux Jan 5, 2015
54684 Big ruts, wheels in the air, mud holes and a couple of hill climbs. This is a great area. Mazda BT-50 Dec 27, 2014
513 The Tracks in the area are closed because of water damage from the 2011 flood and now have close signs everywhere. Grader has been through and it is a 2wd track Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 14, 2011
12822 Did this area in the wet. Entering from the Western side. Slid most of the way in & couldn't get out the same way. Mostly tame once inside. Would be suitable for stock 4WD's. Until you go off the beaten track. LandRover Discovery Oct 12, 2010