Lyrebird Track
About the Track
Track Description

Lyrebird Track runs in a loop between Stony Creek Track and Mitchell Track at the rear of Jamieson in the Victorian High Country.

All sections, except one very steep hill climb would be classed as medium in difficulty.   The hill climb is difficult to very difficult depending on whther or not it is dry.

It is possible to do the track in reverse direction so that the climb becomes a descent.   Care must be taken if doing this in the wet, as it is easy to slide down the hill.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28798 LOTS OF FUN! done it both ways there is a place with a big rut showing up some blue cable at the bottom of the rut just don't fall there... Nissan Patrol May 3, 2013
12599 got up but broke my front diff in the process. very steep with little traction. Near impossible to reverse down if get stuck after large rut Toyota Hilux Jan 2, 2013
10155 Nissan Patrol Dec 19, 2011
6015 Nissan Patrol Nov 18, 2010
11056 Awsome track going up thaty is Nissan Patrol Nov 18, 2010