About the Track
Track Description

Go up the power line road first. Then enter into the tracks once over the hill.

There are heaps of Hill climbs, with both types of tracks beside each other, Easy/Difficult, depends on the vehicle clearance.

Also a nice spot at the top of the highest hill where you can set up for a picnic and enjoy the views for 360°.

There are a fews signs warning about the Rifle range over the other side of the hill. saying\"Do not go any further, Rifle\'s in use.\"

But go in, have fun and explore the maze of tracks.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
37916 Council is now fencing this off, may have something to do with people dumping their rubbish here, saw several couches, tvs and even a crushed timber dinghy Nissan Navara May 8, 2013
37916 VERY WET, VERY GREASY, VERY RUTTED but a hole lot of fun Nissan Navara Feb 27, 2013
37916 very rutted and very wet at the moment, some spots are very technical and difficult at the moment. the area under the power lines has become a bit of a playground with a few fun little spots and a decent mud hole/water crossing in the middle Nissan Navara Feb 17, 2013
30817 Toyota Prado Aug 20, 2012
28363 Went through a few tracks. the rain has rutted the hill clibs out. no good at night. deffinatly a day time track. so many house around though you dont know if your allowed up half the tracks Nissan Patrol May 7, 2012
26274 Volkswagon 4wd Mar 3, 2012
23891 Very good place to spend a few hours. Very slippery after rain so mud terrain tyres are a must after rain as some slopes are very slippery, off camber and rutted. Be careful of tree roots as I staked a tyre through the sidewall. Toyota Hilux Feb 26, 2012
23196 Some Great tracks in here, I just spent a couple of hours but you could be exploring in here all day. There are some challenging climbs you can do. Great spot that's close by. Will be going back Nissan Navara Oct 19, 2011
14440 track was fun, good terrain, little mud holes, entry is easy but take quick walks down tracks because they do get messy real quick. be aware these are amongst peoples houses, so respect. they obviously don't hate it but the tracks cross through their properties so be nice. heaps of private water dams, which at night are hard to see, be careful some tracks run real close to them, there is a good weekend or two of exploring out here, were still trying to navigate the place. The lift on my whip came in handy quite a few dips that would be fucked for stock vehicles. Rear lock-diff came in handy in the black of night climbing a rut that was rougher then we thought we could handle. but we did it all, maybe one or two we came across that we waved white flags... Close to `12civilization... were going back... Enjoy! Toyota Hilux Surf May 21, 2011
14440 Better at day then night, good fun. Toyota Hilux Surf May 21, 2011