Mareeba - Natural Arch Track
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Very steep and rocky track, sandy muddy deep and shallow creeks..... good day trip great weekender

Good whole day trip but it is worth camping the night.....

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
3197 Excellent 4wders trip not really for the faint hearted or those not liking to scrath the car or do rock climbing.. Many trips out there & on occassions the river is too deep to pass its around 2hrs in & 2 back out with low range all the way.. Toyota Landcruiser
843 Local Toyota Landcruiser Nov 13, 2014
3241 Track was dry and the Walsh River crossing was only about a foot deep. We had 26 vehicles in the group including a brand new 100% standard Pajero who made it through without needing to much assistance. One vehicle ripped a flare off and I snapped a shockie. Run Wat-Cha Brung 4x4 Toyota Hilux Nov 17, 2013
38080 Run wat-cha brung 4x4.. Group trip, got permission at both ends. Great trip but was a little hard for the hilux in our group, he needed diff locks as was having traction issues even with 20 psi in his tyres. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 17, 2013
38346 Toyota Landcruiser Jul 2, 2012
3197 Nissan Patrol Aug 28, 2011
38080 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 16, 2010
20593 did it on my 20th birthday weekend was quite technical, and only made it through to the big sandy creak bed (first 3-4ks) where we chilled out for a few hrs before going back to camp, keen to do it again, but with my quad so i don't put any more dints in the parents patrol again.... Nissan Patrol Jul 24, 2010
3241 Toyota Hilux Oct 23, 2007