Markwell - Deep Creek Rd
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Deep Creek Rd,

This road at the moment is a dead end. Access via cabbage tree road, which leads from markwell rd up to the radio towers at the top of the mountain.

Deep creek rd starts off as a wet tropical decend. Dark in places with thick foilage. Hard clay which when went is very slippery. At present (dec 2010) this is underconstruction as it seems they are attempting to reconnect to the other end of deep creek road off markwell road, to the south east of this flag. Due to this reason, there are some very fun parts where bulldozers have been through and cleared a somewhat perfect mud field to play in. If your not careful you will get bogged. Bring a mate or atleast a long winch extension strap and a shovel.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
24639 LandRover Discovery Dec 27, 2011
14291 very tight n fun Nissan Pathfinder Feb 5, 2011
21106 Nissan Patrol Jul 22, 2008