meryla state forest
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Did some research on the net ,then went out for a look at Meryla state forest

The best track i found was gun rock falls fire trail (you can drive across the falls then on to a good hill climb) and the power line track that cuts through the middle of the park (good ruts to play in)

There are great views from the end of Meryla rd and from the end of red hill fire trail were you\'ll find twin falls but on this day i couldn\'t see a thing , you\'ll also find plenty of walking trails if your in to that kind of thing.

i found a lot of small camp spots all over the park but the biggest one was off Meryla rd just past link fire trail (had some mud ruts to play in as well)

There is no collecting fire wood from in the park and you must check if there are any fire bans before lighting one

all in all i had a fun day exploring the area and would recommend it for a day or weekend getaway from the city


                           have fun out there


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User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 deep mud holes found nice little camp spot near a creek good day out Toyota Landcruiser Mar 31, 2015
56757 Did a day trip down here today and had a blast! (About an 1h 35m drive from South Hurstville). Plenty of mud puddles to play in - beware, some are A LOT deeper than you'd expect. Drove down Patons Fire Trail which was a lot of fun. Stopped at the camp ground and had a bite to eat with the family before heading back to Gun Rock Falls Fire Trail which exits onto a paved road at the end. I look forward to coming back sans kids and exploring a lot more! Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Feb 28, 2015
53923 First time on track. A couple of challenging spots. Track marked with a spray painted X on the tree takes you down to the river crossing and up the rockwall. If you ignore this and go straight on the fire trail you can go out to the lookout. You will get back on the tar and travel about 2km before there is a sneaky left turn into the bush this is where you can come in from the other side and go down the rockwall and river crossing. I felt going down the hill and entering the river from this side was a little easier. Water up to the door seals. Keep to the right then hard left in the water just before the rock ledge. Cheers Matt. Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 15, 2014
49171 Good day trip spot from Sydney. First outing of my 80 series, went the wrong way through Gunrock Falls Creek Track - downhill was good, and the creek crossing barely wet the tyres if you go around the edge in the shallows. Wanted to go offroad all the way to Bendeela but track not open all the way (ranger only access) Toyota Landcruiser May 29, 2014
12813 Great day at Meryla State Forrest 2 x Patrols 1 x Landcruiser and the Jeep. Gunrock Falls Firetrail the steps have been washed out at the bottom after several attempts to climb with all vehicles, had to winch the up to get over washouts and damage. Creek crossing was good still keep to left if heading to the step as there is a hole. Jeep Commander May 21, 2014
14189 Good little day trip Nissan Navara Feb 1, 2014
28680 Gun Rock Fire Trail back to front. Hill climb (descent) was a bit challenging for a stock Wrangler. River crossing easy due to rocks on the deeper side, helped a lot! Jeep Wrangler Dec 28, 2013
22116 great but dry Ford Ranger Oct 27, 2013
30535 Have done Gunrock Falls Fire Trail a few times now, however this time round found the Barina has been removed (presumably State Forests), however was a dead kangaroo in there. Also crossing the creek beware of the big hole just before the bank. Stay to the left (ie if heading towards rock steps from the falls) when crossing. Volkswagon 4wd Oct 19, 2013
40044 had fun on gun rock falls trail. stay to the left at the creek. I had to go the right at the steps, due to no lift. Had a lot of fun in the mud at the powerlines track, but wash off asap as it stains your paint( mine is white, showed up) Toyota Hilux Sep 10, 2013
42730 Honda CRV Aug 28, 2013
41572 Some good fun to be had here. Had a look at gunrock falls but the creek crossing put me off. Some good ruts / mud puddles to play in along the main trails and powerline tracks. Some good fun around Patons Fire Trail too. Didn't get to fitzroy falls, keen to get back sometime soon. Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 7, 2013
39739 Dry day with some good mud. 1st off road drive for the new Jeep. Good day out with some great help from Matt and Renee. Jeep Wrangler Apr 27, 2013
38084 It was a good and somewhat easy track, little short for my liking. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 17, 2013
29571 Gun Rock Falls fire trail: Hill climb was good stayed left hand side and no major issues. Left hand turn leads to powerline track, extremely rutted and muddy,hard getting through it if it's rained in the 7 days. Best explored with a second car. Nissan Navara Jul 22, 2012
27555 Been There a few times proir to this date. Quarry ok, Gun rock the best one there Toyota Landcruiser Jul 17, 2012
10731 just a quick run round some of the main trails, great looking place, would be nice to camp at, definetly be back, have a closer look at a couple of the better tracks i seen around Toyota Hilux Apr 8, 2012
26036 Had another crack out there found some nice tracks nothing to difficult but found 2 4x4 play grounds and spent some time on them, also the swimming hole inder the bridge is a nice spot to cool off Toyota Hilux Mar 31, 2012
26036 Great tracks I loved it the ruts are deep dragged my diff on them gave my muddies a good run. I defiantly am going to go back out there didn't hit the gun rock trail but am planning to Toyota Hilux Jan 15, 2012
17457 nice easy drive, 2wd access mostly, some awesome views, Gun Rock Falls trail was the best for 4wd's, but there's no chance of recovering that Barina, or what ever car it is! lol. Nissan Patrol Jan 14, 2012
11356 Good day out Nissan Patrol Jan 14, 2012
20686 spent the weekend there, relatively easy wheeling great spot Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jan 7, 2012
20686 spent the weekend there, relatively easy wheeling great spot Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jan 7, 2012
11451 Toyota Hilux Oct 15, 2011
21879 gunrock falls great spot to cool off, make sure u walk down creek to see pools and waterfall, awesome Toyota Landcruiser Sep 29, 2011
20293 Spent a bit more time there today. found a few more tracks. Toyota Hilux Sep 15, 2011
20293 Did a quick afternoon run to have a look. Cant wait to go back there looks like heaps to explore Toyota Hilux Sep 10, 2011
21945 Camped over night, will go back for some more exploring. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 10, 2011
17302 Powerline flats were very muddy (fun) and resulted in a couple snatch recoveries. 3x Prado's tackled gun rock falls fire trail and enjoyed the rock climb :) Toyota Prado Aug 27, 2011
12401 Many track to explore, some with major cruxes, most very scratchy other than those its relatively easy. Countless camp spots everywhere. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 26, 2011
12401 Camped the night. didnt see anybody here. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 15, 2011
43561 - No 4WD yet