Morning Star Track
About the Track
Track Description

Morning Star Track runs between Donnellys Creek Road and McEvoys Track near O\'Tooles Camping Ground.

The track is very steep in sections with rock steps.

Some fantastic views along the way.   The track rises from approximately 500 metres above sea level to over 1100 metres.  

Mostly uphill from Donnellys Creek Road entrance

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
43952 Stock Prado on 31 A/T in the Dry made it up Easily.Was steep and a bit of shale loose rock etc so in wet a would be a different story I reckon. Toyota Prado May 3, 2015
11056 All good at the moment Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
52485 Relatively easy in dry conditions. A few sections with rocky areas. Great views of Mt Useful when at the top. Thoroughly enjoyed. Nissan Patrol Oct 15, 2014
52286 Toyota Hilux Sep 21, 2014
28798 done Nissan Patrol Apr 6, 2013
17563 Good challenging track, steep hill climb over rocks. Would be very difficult in the wet (recommend a winch). We had no issues with traction with the track being dry and having no loose stones. Some parts could get a bit bumpy with speed but taking it slow we had no clearance issues either. Toyota FJ Cruiser Mar 12, 2012
3685 Last section before the river very steep. A couple of rock steps a little technical - claimed an '86 Rangie late in 2010 ( parts scattered just below) Toyota Prado Feb 24, 2011
3731 Track steep but generally good grip. Some loose rock. Rock step claimed 86 Range Rover in November 2010 (we think). Hope everyone was okay. Rangie came off second best. Lesson learned - never become complacent. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 23, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 13, 2011
1506 steep in sections with some spots where you have to watch your line up the rocky spots Nissan Patrol Oct 13, 2010
12717 Did this one at last with Davidman and WildTI. Definately a challenge. Ford Maverick Oct 9, 2010
1524 Nissan Patrol Jun 22, 2010
1524 A few good rock steps, not to hard though Nissan Patrol Oct 14, 2001