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The track starts from the southern end of Lake Burbury, South of Queenstown and is approx 20 kms in length. There is only one road south. On route to the start of the track the sealed road climbs up Mt Jukes between Mt Huxley. Viewing area near the top with views back out to Ocean Beach, Zeehan and surrounding moutains. Once over the crest the next view is off Lake Burbury. Directly in front is Frenchmans Cap. Follow the sealed road all the way to the Darwin Dam at the southern most point of Lake Burbury where it turn into a well made unsealed road.

Approximately 8 kms down this track there is a track to the right which leads to the Bird River walking track. You can drive this for 5 kms before it stops at a camping site and parking area This track is suitable for road vehicles. There is a 11 km return walk to Kelly Basin and the old township of Pillinger. The track follows an old rail line, so is easy for young and old. Without doubt one the best walks in Tasmania. At the end of the track are relics of the township and picnic areas. Keep an eye out for lots of wildlife on the way including platypus.

From the Bird River track turn off, follow the Mt McCall track approx 1 km until you reach a locked gate. Key is available from Parks and Wildlife in Queenstown on 0364712511. It is recommeded that you ring ahead to book the permit and key as the office can be unattended often. The permit and key are free.

The track then winds its way easily through the only road in the south west Wild Rivers National Park with great views on the way. Next item to see is the old helipad site which has on it a huge No Dams sign. Follow the road down the hill. It then turns right and heads up Mt McCutcheon. Trackworks have recently been completed which make this an easy grade track but enjoyable.

The track continues onto Mt McCall. At the top look North towards the bottom end of Lake Burbury and Frenchmans Cap over to the right, to your left is Kelly Basin and Macquarie Harbour and to your right the Engineer Range with the Andrew River in the valley. A short walk on the right gives an even better view. The the track starts to decend slowly from here. You\'ll see the point at which low range is recommended! This part is rated medium as the track decends in parts and winds approx 1.5 km down towards the end where a picnic table and parking area is. At the end of the track there is also a walking track that decends approx 350m to the Franklin River. This track follows an old haulage line and is used by rafters for emergencies. It is steep and not recommended on wet days. It is possible to get right down to the river. Enjoy the walk/climb back!

Whilst the Mt McCall track is not very challenging in terms of skill required to negotiate it, the scenery is well worth it. Track can be travelled by stock off road vehicles as long as low range is available and some underbody clearance for the end section. I would not recommend a Subaru for instance.

As this is a National Park so please ensure you take out what you bring in and report any damage or maintance you think is required to the Ranger on the form provided. Dont forget to drop off the key! As a suggestion, a trip to Mt McCall followed by an overnight stay at the camp site at Bird River and a walk to Kelly Basin the following day is highly recommended.

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5441 Toyota Prado Nov 27, 2013
17011 Great view in clear weather, nice drive. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 29, 2011