Mount Nathan
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Track Description

Fun easy track with some steep climbs on loose rocks good in the dry , washouts and ruts due to rain on the climbs but they are mostly on one side with easy access around them..The climbs would be difficult in the wet..

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
26490 Went in bog stock 2014 Triton GLX+, went fine, until got to very steep loose rock hill, bog stock Vitara couldn't follow so had to turn back. Hand Written sign that leads you in says stay out, Mitsubishi Triton May 6, 2014
46240 pretty easy track mostly, looks like machinery cleared it a bit. Still couple of good hill climbs and a few tight/overgrown tracks to explore. Keep out sign at concrete entrance but was a track around and another entrance further back at a dead end street on the left heading in. Suzuki Sierra Feb 16, 2014
3077 Nissan Navara Dec 27, 2013
42008 reasonably easy track for beginners, deep ruts but only on one side easy to go around, Toyota Hilux Surf Sep 3, 2013
41612 After I found it eventually (to others out there, it is exactly where the maps says, drive up the concrete driveway then you'll see it). Steep climb to start with and about half way up as it got real rutty it started to piss down. I stopped, shat myself, and slowly reversed downhill until I could turn around and then gave up. With mates, lockers and maybe a winch you could try it in the wet but a newbie without lockers, 2 kids in the car and alone wasn't going to chance it. I youngest woke up half up down and got the fright of his life, lol. Nissan Patrol Jul 14, 2013
41612 The end of this street is meant to have a track too but it had a walking challange on it this weekend. Nissan Patrol Jul 14, 2013
39871 very bushy now big rutts half way up the hilld once section is probably a roll over hazard. dont mind me i am noob at 4x4 terms haha Ford Ranger May 4, 2013
32157 Good track Nissan Pathfinder Oct 4, 2012
28195 Went wrong way. Damn!! Mount Nathan 1, Wombat 0, Mitsubishi Pajero May 7, 2012
28282 Bit of fun after rain Holden Colorado May 5, 2012
25409 Looks like a good track didn't go too far as it had been raining for a week and was quite wet and slippery. Will try again further when dry Ford Ranger Jan 29, 2012
22920 Mt Nathan Toyota Landcruiser Oct 5, 2011