Mount Norman Road in Girraween National Park
About the Track
Track Description
Mount Norman Road is off the main road (Pyramid Road) through Girraween National Park heading north.
It is a dirt track just before you leave the park on the way to Storm King Dam. The track is easy to do and only
really needs ground clearance but does have granite rocks to drive over. The track will get you down into Wallangarra
and back onto the New England Highway.  You will cross some creeks and there is a picnic area 
on the southern end of the track just before you leave the park itself. 
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
39855 Nice easy, very scenic track. Great for beginners, very easy with the occasional select your path, a few small water crossings (barely a foot deep). Would be more fun after rain (not during as easy to flood). Fine for soft roaders too (just need some clearance). Nissan Patrol Sep 21, 2014
41625 Was a little more exciting than I expected. Had been some rain previous. Nissan Pathfinder Jun 30, 2013
39692 It was a good track, lots of fun. It's pretty easy and it's always better to stick to the ruts. Mitsubishi Pajero May 19, 2013
38275 Easy drive. nice way to end the weekend after trekking right across the NP. Isuzu Mu Feb 17, 2013
10732 Great place to break-in those members of the famil who are 'outdoors-shy'. Girraween NP has hot showers and designated camping areas, plus this track which is a very easy one. AWD with some clearance will breeze it in. Great scenery, great swimming, great walks! Toyota Landcruiser Jun 15, 2010
9982 Found this one by accident. Great day trip Holden Rodeo Dec 14, 2009
664 Nissan Patrol Dec 28, 2007