Mountain lagoon rd 2 upper colo
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many variations to this track is a firetrail which is beginning to get ruttered and washed away
is alot of fun muckin around goin thru the often decieving puddles


Jeep_Fan Update: The track has deteriorated somewhat. I am not sure if CRV\'s would be able to cover the route without a few difficulties.


UPDATE: Track closed off at the Kurrajong end ( at the turn off the Comleroy - Upper Colo Rd )


Phillip K Update: 

01 August 2009. Mountain Lagoon Rd fire trail at the Comleroy Rd end is signposted "Road Closed", however, when you enter it from the Bilpin end on Mountain Lagoon Rd, there are actually two signs "Road Closed" and the other "4WDs only" - we entered at his end. A good map, though the unsealed section on Mountain Lagoon road is now sealed can be found on:

The most water worn rutted areas are on the initial downhill slope heading east along the fire trail can be seen on the attached picture. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
17457 2wd would get through this. Nissan Patrol
54184 Did this track today the wash always on upper cool rd are getting bad 2wd would not get through descent was a little tricky. But we had good fun today Jeep Cherokee Jan 1, 2015
46696 Very easy even for a newbie like me. Upper colo is a nice area for camping and to have a dip into the river Jeep Wrangler Mar 15, 2014
42990 Pretty disappointed. The track is a 2WD graded road. "No Through Road" sign has been removed at the Mountain Lagoon (Bilpin) end, so now opened to general traffic. Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 8, 2014
43400 Nice n easy which is good for as I'm a a novice in the 4x4 world Toyota Hilux Sep 29, 2013
42473 Mazda Tribute Aug 19, 2013
41572 Didn't get out of high range, suitable for 2WD Mitsubishi Challenger Jul 28, 2013
39906 Good ride from Bilpin. Mostly sealed up to Mountain Lagoon. We decided to go to Upper Colo and finally to Colo Heights (Colo Heights Road). Some small wash outs, but nothing difficult. First time in this road and first ride with the new car. We will do it again. Toyota Prado May 5, 2013
15698 Nice track, any 2wd could do this without problems. Toyota Prado Dec 3, 2012
27540 Track is in excellent condition to both Upper Colo and Wheenie Creek, all gates are open. Track is narrow at Mt Lagoon end, beware speeding idiots coming toward you. I have struck them every time I drive this track and not just in 2WD vehicles sadly. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 15, 2012
27518 Track very smooth at this time...definately Falcon/Commodore friendly Jeep Cherokee Apr 13, 2012
23766 Very soft n smooth. Jeep Grand Cherokee Nov 17, 2011
11304 Its a highway Toyota Hilux Aug 6, 2011
18717 No need for a 4wd but a good drive anyway. Very scenic Toyota Hilux Aug 6, 2011
16971 A few small ruts but nothing to get stressed over. Definitely didn't need 4wd but it was a good excuse to get some dust on the new 4x4 :-) Mitsubishi Challenger Apr 3, 2011
12401 at the moment it just a road with some small pot holes starting form. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 13, 2010
10003 Did a night run.. The "Road Closed" signs have finally been moved from both entrances now. The road is perfect, smooth, new condition the whole way along, in fact its even better than Comleroy Rd which is the main dirt road from Kurrajong to Upper Colo! - you could bring a lowered ricer on it if you wanted to. There's one fun but short side track to the right 1-2km after heading East from Mntn. Lagoon Daihatsu Feroza Oct 31, 2010
11451 Track has been filled and graded and would now be accessible to Dodge viper ..or even a Porsche Cayenne! Toyota Hilux Aug 7, 2010
11876 In a Land Rover 2a (1968). Track extremely rough - but still open. Large rutted washouts abound; forcing you to cross and weave up the track leaving you open to be crossaxled if you don't have momentum or difflocks! LandRover Defender Jun 27, 2010
11876 In a Land Rover 2a (1968). Track extremely rough - but still open. Large rutted washouts abound; forcing you to cross and weave up the track leaving you open to be crossaxled if you don't have momentum or difflocks! LandRover Defender Jun 27, 2010
9978 completed with 4x4 Earth members at the Colo meet and Greet.... some nice sections. pretty easy to get thru Nissan Patrol May 1, 2010
10301 Had great fun with my kids and my Girlfreind, I came in from Kurrajong, next time i'll come in from colo and climb up the hill. All in all a bloody good day. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Mar 1, 2010
6861 Awesome track, took my mate with his rodeo and had some fun getting the cars dirty. Nissan Navara Jan 31, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 17, 2010
4309 very easy track, few rutted areas Nissan Pathfinder Nov 29, 2009
4013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 12, 2009
4609 Easy track even with my limited 4x4 experience. Has warning sign say 4bys only. Went from the Bilpin end. A few wash outs. Great trying out 4x4 low range on a few sections & learning how to use my rig. The track is deteriorating. Just watch the clowns at the Upper Colo end once you get off the 4x4 only trail as they come fying around blind corners.Had a couple nearly ended up as bullbar ornaments Toyota Landcruiser Mar 15, 2009
3046 Rutted and Sandy in places. Nissan Patrol Feb 9, 2009
1293 I have done this a few times over the past couple of weeks. I come north up Putty road, turn left onto Upper Colo road, then left onto Camleroy rd, follow to the 4wd only track (mountain lagoon fire trail) through to mountain lagoon rd at bilpin. the Apple Bar is good for a lunch break, its on Bells Line of Road. i have also been heading up to the Mt Irvine/Mt Wilson track a few Kms up the road from Bilpin. its a good days 4wding doing both tracks. i would say they are both easy tracks, a beginner mate in his CR-V made it through both tracks no problems. Ford Maverick Feb 9, 2009
4735 easy fire trail, some hilly sections rutted the odd large mud puddle and small sandy sections. Suitable for 1st timers and soft roaders (nice pub few klm from bells line end) Nissan Patrol Aug 21, 2008