Mt Barker
About the Track
Track Description

Easy going for the first & last sections right in the middle is a Fire access track linking the 2 ends. Loose rocks & natural water ways.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
35603 They must have just graded this it was too easy for the rav, just a dirt road Toyota RAV4 Mar 10, 2013
30585 Toyota Landcruiser Dec 2, 2012
20736 Don't bother, just a graded road these days. Mitsubishi Triton Jun 24, 2012
29198 Checked it out today, and yes unfortunately is now graded. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 24, 2012
17811 Meh.......not much more to say really. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 9, 2012
26651 so I actually just went to have a look and I could go the whole distance in a Subaru Impreza so I wouldn't bother even going. its just a loose dirt road Toyota Landcruiser Mar 30, 2012
25260 Thanks council, might be an ok track in winter. Subaru Forester Jan 28, 2012
25307 Went for a cruse today and found pretty much the same thing. Council has only left us with a small hole full of dust to play with! Oh and a few coragations to shake it up. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 22, 2012
23255 Centre section was badly chopped up but did it in 2L with mud tyres for extra grip but was very easy in dry and wouldn't go there again long drive for nothing special in dry. Wet conditions would almost see it impassable without lockers and muddies. The rest in just a graded road either end of the centre hill. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 1, 2011
20345 We came from Haines Fire Track which was stupidly chopped was bad enough going down let a lone up...but we did make it The Liebelt Summer Track was nothing special Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 14, 2011
4937 graded road,joins up with haines fire track which now is open at both the moment haines fire track is badly chopped up coming from liebelt track, lots of mudflaps and plastic trays littered around, and a few winch protector scarred trees.can get 3/4 way up untill ruts lead off track.can easily drive down it. Ford Maverick Jul 3, 2011
19828 Very slippery in the wet. Couldnt make it all the way to the top. Need some big muddies and plenty of clearance. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 19, 2011
14545 Went to the track today, Wet and slippery, got to the first hill, Very wet, the car in front didn't even make it up the whole way, So we decided not to contune. We will have to return when it is dryer. Holden Jackaroo May 29, 2011
19165 Went up there today slightly damp following all the rain over the last few weeks. Dirt road in very good condition. Some steep climbs and descents but still easy, not so good for 4x4 but nice country-side. Quite close to Harndorf for lunch. LandRover Defender May 28, 2011