Mt Dare to Innaminka
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The trip encompasses crossing the Simpson desert from Mt Dare to Birsville and then onto Innaminka. Lots has been written about these treks and you will have to think about what you are comfortable with when travelling. Some prefer solo some tag alongs. The more comfortable you are the more fun you will have, pick the right enviroment for you. The area is remote and should not be taken lightly.

So Mt Dare to Birdsville via the rig rd, knolls track, french line, the corner and through to Birdsville. Better done in winter as it\'s cooler and no flying pests.

Bridsville to Innaminka via Walkers Crossing is a relative easy drive for a high clearance 4wd. You will need a GPS around the southern end as the tracks are confusing.

All in all a great trip best served with a convoy of at least 3 high clearance 4wd.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
2864 Nissan Patrol Dec 12, 2008