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About the Track
Track Description
Eay at the start then WHAM! 1 steep hill with a deep rut at the end of the track.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51930 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 10, 2014
37084 Successfully completed the whole track, was a little tricky at the end, but surprisingly the KJ made it through Jeep Cherokee Mar 15, 2014
45209 Toyota Landcruiser Dec 30, 2013
37084 Came within 100m of the top of the track, only had the one vehicle. The track was moderate most of the way, became insane further up, here is a video of it; Jeep Cherokee Jun 25, 2013
39281 Nissan Patrol Apr 8, 2013
36950 good challenge for me , first hill was no problem 2nd hill- next time will keep a closer eye on the ruts and start off in second gear 4 low. ended up changing gear halfway up, losing momentum and ending up on three wheels. Toyota Hilux Jan 21, 2013
28798 Loved it, wondering how hard will be on wet... ;) Nissan Patrol Jan 20, 2013
2 Awesome track! Went up there today. Easy at the start, starts with lots of rocks and get worse from there. A huge rut ran up the centre as the hill gets steeper and steeper. Went up with wheels on each side of the rut, then the line meant we needed to drop the right wheels in and then halfway up Bang! had to get the right wheels out and drop the left one in to dodge a tree than had fallen down. Kept the momentum up and we bumped and jolted our way nearly to the top where I stalled it! Easy restart and continue on for 50 meters of small rocks to the top. Great, fun Hill climb. Quite achievable in the Maverick with 33s and 3 inch lift, but the conditions were DRY. After rain would be a completely different proposition either up or down!!!! Ford Maverick Jan 18, 2009
1052 good challange getting up Toyota Landcruiser Dec 23, 2008
648 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 6, 2005