Mt Mee State Forest
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Track Description

Ok Guys did this particular track on the weekend. As it was dry it was a relatively easy track. Unfortunately there was still quite a large part of it that is closed off. still did 40 odd kms.

Most of the track can easily be done in a stock vehicle. A couple of of the steeper hill climbs the approach and departure angles of my Triton were at their limits at stock height. There are some harder runs in the area such as A-break and The Hanger though they wre closed. Would be more fun in the wet though.

We spent a few hours there and only explored a small part they are still plenty of trails to try. Definitely worthwhile taking a GPS as its not particularly well signed and can be difficult to find your way out without one.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38082 Mitsubishi Pajero