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Mt Walker Loop

We started and finished this loop at the Bowenfels Shell Servo near Lithgow. The loop is about 50KM in length and incorporates some blacktop running, some gravel roads, some water crossings, some mud, and some steep rocky climbs and descents of varying grades. The loop can be done in less than a day if you only follow the track shown but there are many other options worth exploring.

From the servo you head towards Rydal and drive across the wall of Lake Lyell, which is the first of a couple of times you will cross the Cox’s river. After Lake Lyell you will climb back out the other side up to reach a bit of an off set four way intersection with a fire station on the left hand side, Turn right here and stay on the right. Follow this road towards Rydal for about 3.9km where you will come to an intersection with a gravel road on the right hand side (this was the Rydal road before Lake Lyell was built cutting it off). Turn right here and follow this road. From here you can follow the path we took via Mt Walker to come out near Wallerawang or you could take one of the many other tracks in this area and make a weekend of it.

Some of this area is made up of crown land and some private, some is State forests and some of it is National Parks so plan accordingly.

Some of the tracks here are fairly easy while some of the tracks can get quite difficult. The track we took would probably be considered as hard but in almost all cases there is an easier alternative, its just they could be a couple of km longer.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50854 Great fun track. Heaps of side trails and some very steep climbs. The disco got a good workout taking the hard line up to the tip of mount walker. All completed with 32's AT Unlocked LandRover Discovery Jan 2, 2015
44773 LandRover Discovery Dec 21, 2013
34982 Been here a few times, most recently was involved in a 2.5hr recovery. More to do with a bum winch than the difficulty though... Toyota Prado Jul 25, 2013
41680 Should really be called the Lake Lyall Loop as Mt Walker is the other side of Lithgow. Driven with standard Triton with 50mm lift, road tyres and rear diff lock. My Defender barely raised a sweat. Many tracks closed off as Lyall Lake is very high - creek crossings are completely impassible. Some good play areas to the east of Rydal. State forest have been harvesting so many tracks appear to have been relatively recently graded. LandRover Defender Jul 20, 2013
18410 Had a lot of fun here with 3 Jeeps, a GU, a Pathfinder and my GQ. Some hard tracks but in saying that a stock Pathfinder did most of what we did. We only did a loop to get back to the pub opposite Rydal train station. Looking forward to coming back and finding the other tracks. Nissan Patrol Dec 30, 2012
35887 great day out, plenty of tracks varying from easy to difficult Nissan Patrol Nov 15, 2012
28157 Out here last weekend with stock surf and my Patrol. 35s made short work of any climb - No "Leakers" needed. Surf couldn't do anything, after the rain, muddies and a lift are a must for the tough stuff, but stock cars can find their way around easy. There is lots to explore, so I doubt I followed the exact trail. But good fun! Nissan Patrol May 10, 2012
17302 With the recent weather Cox's River is high and flowing strong. The upper part of Mt Walker has been washed out much more, making all the rock steps larger. My dual locked Prado with 33's still crawled up without a fuss. A front locked Patrol with 33's had troubles, but later made it following my line. A Pajero with 32's tried hard, but without lockers, it never had a chance. Toyota Prado Mar 11, 2012
17302 One of my favourite spots. Climbed Mt Walker again last weekend, including most of the lower section, and straight up the upper section (twice!). It's easy with dual lockers, very hard with no lockers. Toyota Prado Nov 20, 2011
17457 good track, up the power lines is pretty slippery when wet.good fun though,scared the sh*t out of the missus. Nissan Patrol Aug 6, 2011
20695 Did this run with 8 other vehicles. Lots to play on around this area and roads were in good condition. The final climb to Mt Walker was hairy, only vehicles to get to the sumit were locked front and rear. The climb just before that was probably worse and busted up a few of our trucks. Got 2 open diff cruisers up it with a fair bit of rock packing. Jeep Wrangler Jul 24, 2011
14350 Great tracks to take, Could spend hours in there. Mt Walker is epic Toyota Hilux Jul 17, 2011
10404 Nissan Patrol Jun 14, 2011
10404 Nissan Patrol Jun 14, 2011
19315 Good day drive. After rain we went around the lake section as we would have damaged track severely to attempt it. Nissan Patrol Jun 12, 2011
17302 Covered most of these tracks, including the final climb to Mt Walker trig point (not the lower section). Great area, but I suspect N/parks will take control of the area soon. Toyota Prado Jun 12, 2011
14339 Did this track on Saturday, awesome track, reached the top of Mt Walker, some deep mud around the lake area, some washed areas require track building (filling in) but well worth the drive. PS no lockers but 2" lift and good tyres Nissan Patrol Jan 31, 2011
14339 Did this track on Saturday, awesome track, reached the top of Mt Walker, some deep mud around the lake area, some washed areas require track building (filling in) but well worth the drive. PS no lockers but 2" lift and good tyres Nissan Patrol Jan 31, 2011
10301 Really good fun, can be difficult in places, got stuck on one hill and got to us my brand new winch. A very good challenge, but did not reach the peak, hope to go back when lockers installed. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Nov 29, 2010
12401 Mostly easy drive with hardcore bits here and there and some water crossing. lots of other tracks leading off and around. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 23, 2010
13473 Great variety of track. Steep slippery rocky hill climbs. River crossings with moderate depth water Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 23, 2010
9978 awesome tracks to explore. take a friend country for sure. plenty of track to choose from being easy,med or hard,water crossings etc etc. a bit of lift will help in some places but most have chicken tracks. Nissan Patrol Oct 23, 2010
12605 a great track, 3 river crossings, very muddy in some spots, loads of fun Nissan Navara Aug 31, 2010
6861 Great playground for any 4wd. just be careful if you go after a downpour as it can be very muddy on the hills and unless you had good tyres you'll have a hard time getting up them and almost get stuck there like me. otherwise great fun! Nissan Navara Aug 28, 2010
9805 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 24, 2010
12455 all good at the moment - beleive lidsdale forest is closed for harvesting so jst did rydal to mt walker and back Nissan Patrol Aug 10, 2010
6907 walk the hills 1st ,difflock country.4runner with 2 lockers have fun and be safe. Toyota Hilux Jan 4, 2010
5516 Nissan Patrol Oct 4, 2009
5477 Toyota Prado Oct 4, 2009
5477 Toyota Prado Oct 4, 2009
4013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 21, 2009
153 Unless locked and lifted, take the northerly track at Longitude: 150.071781 Latitude: -33.493723 Otherwise, all good fun with lots of water options. Jeep Wrangler Mar 14, 2009
2624 - No 4WD yet Dec 2, 2008
1271 Mitsubishi Delica Sep 26, 2008
134 LandRover Discovery Aug 16, 2008
4735 Nissan Patrol
29518 Very challenging track with beautiful scenery to see along the way but 2 days are needed to enjoy it & is great for the photo genic person Nissan Patrol