Muggie Rd (mud road)
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Track Description

heading towards sandy creek pub from gawler, turn left after kalperri rd.
caution if your after a enjoyable ride wait till the wet season, or until after heavy rain other wise boring.
once you get to the creek crossing your half way their, be warned the creek crossing is where it claims most victims. i have been bogged their twice and had to pull several people out from the mud.

Slipprier the better is what i say ;)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52577 Council is in the process of widening & resurfacing this whole track, wont be the same this winter. Nissan Navara Mar 24, 2015
25634 Did towards the end of a long wet winter. Was one continuous mud hole! Nissan Navara Jul 15, 2014
48375 Did this track again yesterday after the good rains, This track is a big mud puddle. The ROO was constantly sideways. Thought it was funny that there was a sign at the start "TOW FEE $250". Holden Jackaroo May 10, 2014
48375 Good thick layer of mud for the entire length, nice views a couple of good spots for puddles. Good road for some mud pctice Holden Jackaroo May 3, 2014
36397 Good for beginners before rain. Mitsubishi Triton Mar 2, 2014
26309 Jeep Grand Cherokee Jun 3, 2013
28720 Had a quick look today and it was super slippery so didnt bother going through and ripping the track up as it isnt an actual 4X4 track. I cant see why people are trying this in the wet in 2WD.... Destroying a track for a quick laugh only ends in one thing.... Closed tracks. And we have WAY to many of these in SA already. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 21, 2013
4937 very easy, been out here a lot of times before during and after heavy rainfall which makes it interesting but not hard. small slippery slope at the end and a lot of people come through with 35s and purposely dig holes in an attempt to make it harder.PLease dont wreck it as its the only open track for us northern suburb dwellers close to home. Ford Maverick Mar 11, 2013
30508 When back to this road with AZRO - Been raining the last few days. Was a little slippery but did it easily in 2wd with normal AT's. Been here before when super wet, can become challenging. Looks like farmer fixed the road since last time I saw it, ruts are still small! Good messy fun! Nissan Navara Aug 18, 2012
31265 Went back to Muggie track this morning with Scottteh. Was wetter and muddier than last weekend, but still conqured it in 2wd. Had great fun though. Now the hard past cleaning Neville Navara. Nissan Navara Aug 18, 2012
31265 Took Neville Navara to Muggie Rd today and the family. There were only 2 mud holes on the whole track, which weren't overly boggy. I got through them in 2wd, but was enough to make it look like Neville Navara had done some work today. The track would be awesome after some rain, it was a bit dry today but we all had fun anyway. Definately going back to that track when wet. Nissan Navara Aug 12, 2012
17811 good fun track! Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 9, 2012