Mungo Brush Beach NSW
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Track Description

Wonderfull sand driving on the beach in the national park near Mungo Brush. $7 per day pass required, avaliable on any camp having tickets machines.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38830 Done this in January, and the sand much softer than anna bay, get bogged due to the tyre pressure drop to 20 psi need to drop it more. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 3, 2015
24084 I found this beach much softer and more difficult than Stockton Beach. Definitely quieter. I ended up spending most of my time out there constantly digging out and recovering my mate's X-Trail... Not the playground for a soft roader... Ford Ranger Jun 16, 2013
17302 Very soft sand which demands very low tyre preasures. It's a quiet beach so beginners beware. Toyota Prado Dec 30, 2010
11304 Tryed to help a guy in a Honda CRV get back on the road. He didnt even let his tyres down. I couldent pull him up the hill with my car fully loaded so he called the cops. dunno what happed to him and I dont really care. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 22, 2010
21106 Nissan Patrol Dec 28, 2003